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On August 8, 2007
At 6:20 pm
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Dear NY1,

Hey! How are you? Remember me? I’m the one who watches you faithfully because you focus on the minutiae of NY life. You talk about Christine Quinn when the other channels are having cooking segments. So naturally I turned to you this morning after being woken up at 6:45 am by a crack of thunder so loud I thought a tree had fallen from the roof through several floors and apartments above mine. I mean, well, first I went back to sleep because I don’t get up before eight, but you know, later. Due to the fact that there was three inches of rain, I was pretty sure our lame-ass transit system would have some issues, and by issues I figured nothing running. I sort of assumed that this would be the most important story in New York this morning and you’d have a list of what was running and where.

Gosh, how stupid of me! Footage of downed trees in Bay Ridge matter to as wide a swath of New Yorkers as subway issues, right? I realize that a tornado hitting Brooklyn is big news, but couldn’t that have been the second story? Couldn’t the first one be “your lifeline – not running?” Sure, we’re all satisfied with a message like “Paul Fleuranges says to stay home for a while.” That’s enough detail for me! And later, hearing Pat Kiernan say, “I keep refreshing the MTA website but it says it’s down,” well, of course I understand. Isn’t that how reporters get their news? I mean, when I turned to Channel 5 and they had an MTA spokesman on the phone talking about which lines had service changes, well, come on, they could have been refreshing the MTA website! What were they thinking?

So when I set out for the IRT and found the #1 running sporadically (when I asked the MTA lady at the station if it was running, she said, “yes, but they’re hot and crowded,” I thought, “so how is today different?”) of course I knew that because you had told me to stay home and that trees were down in Bay Ridge.

Oh, and the conductor who said there was a train directly behind the one I couldn’t get on while sweat poured down my entire body, whereas in fact another one didn’t show for 30 minutes? I know that one wasn’t your fault but I choose to blame you anyway.

You fail as bad as the MTA, NY1. The difference is, I never had any faith in them in the first place.

New fan of Channel 5

This is what my commute looked like once I got on the train. Apparently, other people’s too. This is from the NY Times, Storms Snarl New York Commute.


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  1. kay says:

    I was wondering how your day had gone.

  2. Pious B says:

    Preach it! NY1 was worthless yesterday.

  3. Becca says:

    Poorly, Kay, poorly. Luckily it ended with a Crowded House concert.

    Pi, I did peek in this morning and when Pat Kiernan did “In the Papers” he seemed surprised that some papers had chosen to go with the subway mess as their top story rather than the tornado. When will they get that the subway pretty much effects every single person in NY? Bah, worthless.

    /end editorial

  4. Lisatagio says:

    According to my son, Brooklyn is in the suburbs, so it definitely should not be in the lead story.

  5. Soxy says:

    Pat Kiernan annoys me to no end on World Series of Pop Culture, yet, oddly, I’m attracted to him at the same time.

    Although hearing him deadpan “I like big butts and I cannot lie, you other brothers can’t deny…” was priceless.

  6. Becca says:

    Tag, according to Brother2, Boston and Philadelphia are suburbs of NY. They should talk.

    Soxy, Pat Kiernan is on nationally? How could I not know that?

  7. Soxy says:

    Yes! The World Series of Pop Cuture is on VH1. Here’s Pat:

    We watched the 2006 World Series in one day — 5 hours of trivia. The 2007 series was on about a month ago. I’ll let you know if it comes on again. Or, you can join my team for 2008.

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