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On August 3, 2007
At 12:00 pm
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Man, am I behind. It’s already August 3rd and I haven’t done “Snappy answers to stupid questions” yet. And it won’t be done today either. Things have been busy around here and it only promises to get busier. This week brought the supposed concert of a lifetime, The Police, and if that was the concert of my lifetime, my life is pretty sucky. I mean, it was OK, but I couldn’t help thinking, “I waited 25 years for this?” It felt too bombastic, too rehearsed, too Synchronicity and Greatest Hits. Thank God for Invisible Sun and Bed’s Too Big Without You or I would have demanded my money back from my scalper. If I could find him. Next week is Crowded House. Neil Finn, don’t fail me now!

This weekend, just like Eric Gagné and Nicolas Sarkozy, I’ll be going to Boston (ok ok, Sarkozy’s going to New Hampshire, but it’s only two hours from Boston) although I’m going for a family wedding plus a little quality time with Jan, Mr. Jan, and Baby Owen. Baby Owen was born on my birthday last October but I have yet to lay eyes on him. This will soon be remedied and I will be on hand to verify his adorableness in person. In case you forgot the Jan family, it was this photo that convinced me that Mr. Jan was skilled enough with Photoshop to put together the J-Ball logo.

Also this month, there will be the fun yet tedious task of filling in the blanks of my Greek vacation (what, I have to do something beyond booking the flights?) but luckily Lou die Hausgäst has been there eleventy times and is acting as my travel consultant. I’m convinced that Greece is the Florida of Europe, not so much in its wackiness (although, who knows, maybe it’s wacky) but in it being the little thing sticking out at the bottom where everybody vacations because they’re tired of freezing their asses off at home in their cold, cold cities and there are plenty of cheap flights to help them warm up.

Last up will be the US Open. Depending on how much you like posts about tennis, expensive hot dogs, and sunburn, you will either be psyched beyond comprehension or readying your plans to read other blogs. Companion tickets to attend with Becca are all taken but I may have some tickets to sell from our family plan (I have a large family and we love the US Open, but hey, we’re human) if anyone is interested.

OK, enough of the coming attractions. Although I’ll be away, I will schedule the iPod Song of the Week for Sunday afternoon so you won’t even miss me. And I swear, I’ll have the Snappy Answers post early next week, although I can already be pretty sure that the #1 search will be for Simpsons Porn. It’s a scary world out there.

In the meantime, here’s a fun photo. Eagle-eyed readers of the comments section may have noticed that I spent last Sunday in the sticks. By “the sticks” I meant Dutchess County, NY which these days isn’t as boony as it was when I was a kid. See, my parents worked at a summer camp and so I spent several months a year there until I was 16. This was, in fact, where the sidebar photo of me was taken. Here’s a shot of how it looks these days. I took this photo while visiting last year but I can tell you that it hasn’t changed much in twelve months. Or years. The sidebar picture enlarges upon your click if you want to compare.

It’s just as peaceful and relaxing as it looks. OK, I am off to get ready to pahk my cah in Hahvad yahd. Except I don’t have a car and neither the Jans nor my cousins talk like that. But you get me. Have a good weekend all!

Boston – More Than A Feeling


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  1. KP says:

    You know how I felt about The Police show. I won’t waste anymore time or words on that one.

    I did want to stop by and say have fun in my favorite city. Give the Jans a kiss for me and make sure you wear your Yankee hat. My son always does when he is there and ends up meeting lots of nice people that way.

    I am also planning on taking a bit of a sabbatical from the JBall. I will continue to read it, but I will hold back on the comments so as to open the playing field for number one commenter. I know Ima has been there this week (congrats Ima!) and I know others would also like a shot at it.

    My reign has been blissful. Enjoy!

  2. Jan says:

    YaYaYaYaY! I get to see Becca tomorrow!

  3. RN says:

    I can’t tell who Owen looks more like, his mom or dad.

    Have a great weekend!

  4. Soxy says:

    Oh, I’m so jealous of the Jans. If I have a baby Owen, will you visit me? You can then see how much better the South Shore is in comparision to the North Shore.

    I could make a snarky comment about KP stepping aside like the Yankees, but I’ll save that for my own blog, if I ever come up with a good post.

  5. sarpon says:

    Good to see that puddle finally dried up.

  6. Jan says:

    Soxy, I grew up on the South Shore — you’ll get no argument from me that it’s better. I’m just temporarily a North Shorer!

  7. mb says:

    ~sniffle~ I guess I don’t, well, comment enough to get a visit.

    Or even an invite to a North Shore F2F.


    Seriously – have a great time in Mass.

  8. Becca says:

    Greetings from Boston!

    KP, there is no way I’m wearing Yankees anything here. In other news, I also don’t plan on wearing my “kiss me, I’m American” shirt when I go to Europe.

    Thanks for letting other people get a shift, although I’m sorry Alex is on vacation. I’m sure he’ll take advantage when he gets back. You had a good run!

    RN, you’ll be shocked to hear he looks not much like anyone in that picture. Maybe he’s adopted.

    Of course, Soxy. And you can even name him something other than Owen. Fine city you have, by the way, although I don’t know anything about shores.

    Sarpon, that puddle was back this year but sadly I did not have my camera.

    Jan, I’ll have to ask you about that when you’re out of a shower. I’m not sure I have ever addressed a commenter from their own house. Surreal.

    mb, alas, I’m here too briefly to do any real face 2 facing. Maybe next time!

  9. Alex says:

    Sarpon, that puddle comment slayed me. (Unless it slew me.)

    Becca, how many more do I need now to make it to the top of the list? Also, thanks for the “Notify me” box, which I was inexplicably happy to check just now. You did quite a nice job spiffing things up while Celia & I were away.

    KP, thanks for taking turns.

  10. KP, I’m okay now. Holding the top commenter spot, even if just for a moment, is enough for me. I feel like I’ve pushed myself and can succeed now. Ah, sweet validation!

    Oh, Becca, I feel ya on the disappointment. I never was a huge Police fan (band or m*thaf*ckin locals!!!) but I loved Ozzy. I wanted that concert ticket so badly (this was in the 80s). My devout Catholic mother was certain that Ozzy was evil itself but I was determined to go to that concert. I begged. I pleaded. I went. I went to the concert! I missed the last regular season M*A*S*H to see him.

    He was a chubby, spandexed, greasy-haired disappointment who was so stoned or drunk he could barely stand. His band’s music was passable but his singing sucked. As he stood swaying in his spandex sausage stupor, I regretted not being home with Hawkeye.

  11. Becca says:

    Alex, thanks! And welcome back; I think my stats went down 10% while you were gone.

    Ima, as you can see, you’re not the only one who wishes to be at that top spot. Of course I mean me.

    Well, at least I can be appreciative that the Police were in tip-top shape and really put in the effort. But they were just too professional and (and I’ve always believed this is the greatest influence on a show, good or bad) chose the wrong songs and catered to the wrong fans.

  12. Arjewtino says:

    I recommend signing up for and reading travelers’ reviews of places you plan on visiting in Greece. You know, so you don’t fuck it up.

  13. Becca says:

    What, are you saying I’ll fuck it up? Why, I oughta….

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