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On July 15, 2007
At 9:15 pm
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People sometimes say to me, “you’re so funny! Is your family funny too?” Boy howdy they are! If last year’s parade of Brother2 jokes from the US Open didn’t convince you of that, well, look out for this year. Or ask me about the laugh riot we had at the cemetery today over the lavish Bukharian tailgate party going on there, I kid you not.

Except my Mom, really, she wasn’t especially funny at all. Her idea of a good joke was, “who was the shortest man in the Bible? Nehemiah! Get it? Knee-high miah!” Oh bwahaha, Mom. But one thing she was was an appreciative audience. She’d really laugh at your joke and say “verrrrry good… did everyone hear that?” in a way that made you think you were on your way to doing stand-up.

On the last day of her life, when she was barely coherent, we knew she was still “there” because she laughed at a joke that Sister2 made from this show, one of her all-time favorites. Even though she couldn’t speak, you could tell from her eyes that she was saying, “verrry good… did you all hear that?” Tonight, just before I went off to synagogue to say my last Kaddish of the day, I flipped around the TiVo guide and found I had a new channel (AmericanLife TV Network: your Baby Boomer TV choice, speaks to the interests and values of the unstoppable Baby Boomer generation… er, OK) and that this show was actually on! I had no idea that when they said God worked in mysterious ways they meant that He worked at Time Warner Cable. And so, I downloaded it to my computer so that I could capture the opening sequence and dedicate it to you, my readers and commenters. Thanks for all your good thoughts and know that you are the appreciative audience that makes telling the jokes such a joy.

[flv width=”320″ height=”240″][/flv]


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  1. RN says:

    Denzel looks like a baby!

  2. Becca says:

    I know! And Howie Mandel had hair!

  3. RN says:

    That was such a good show.

    I need to start watching the reruns.

  4. Lydia says:

    I think I was about 4 when this show was on. I remember adults talking about it, but if my life depended on it, I couldn’t have told you a single cast member before 2 minutes ago.

  5. sarpon says:

    A good audience is more precious than rubies.

  6. Becky says:

    Thinking of you today b…

  7. Becca says:

    RN, IMHO, it’s still the best medical show ever.

    Lydia, it’s amazing how many stars came out of there – really talented cast.

    Sarp, agreed 100%. Disclaimer: I will not be paying anyone in rubies.

    Beck, thank you.

  8. KP says:

    Wow, what a flashback!

    Each Mom has their own thing. Glad to know yours was able to appreciate humor. I am sure it helped shape your humor as well, which we all appreciate.

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