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iPod song of the week – Heaven 17

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On June 17, 2007
At 3:00 pm
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What’s the funkiest song by a white synthpop group ever? I don’t know either but I think this one’s up there. It’s got a slammin’ bassline and a rhythm that just moves you. But first, a little history. Martyn Ware, who is the guy behind this band, was in The Human League and when he got kicked out (so Dave Mustaine!), he decided to form an even better group. Which he did, I don’t care how many copies “Don’t You Want Me?” sold. If you want to judge how competitive he was feeling, the next song on this album is called “Play to Win.” But it’s this title track that I like best and maybe The Human League would have sounded funkier had they added a black chick and percussionist instead of two white girls. But there you go.

PS, the ending scratchy riff drives me absolutely mad.

Heaven 17 – Penthouse And Pavement

Streaming audio available on the iPod Song of the Week page.


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  1. kay says:

    Nigel says, “That’s a good song. I’ve got to get that album actually”, so uh, thanks.

  2. Becca says:

    Nigel has fine, fine taste in music, but I already knew that.

    I got mine at a little shop off Princes St. in Edinburgh. Hope that helps!

  3. KP says:

    I love that song!

    This feature gets better and better every week. Go JBall!

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