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On May 22, 2007
At 3:05 am
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Remember the Omer? No, of course you don’t, it’s moved off the first page. It’s the seven week period beginning at Passover and this week it finally ends. What does this mean for me? A holiday! What does that mean for you? No posts! That is to say, last year I had a kind guest poster but this year I just wasn’t organized enough. Maybe I’ll have it more together by Rosh Hashanah (see me after class if you want to guest post in September). Anyhoo, the holiday is imaginatively called Shavu’ot (weeks) and that’s because I’ll be trapped in the suburbs for what will seem like weeks. Pray for Becca!

Should you not have brushed up on Jewish Holiday Trivia since last year, this is the one where you eat mostly dairy to celebrate receiving the laws telling us what kind of meat we can eat (hint: no bacon, no Mickey D’s). Because before that, it was non-stop blintzes. Or something. But I will be making blintzes, actually, although unlike the Hamentaschen from a few months ago there will be no pictures. This is a labor-intensive job which takes several hours, two people, three crepe pans, four fillings, and a lot of burnt fingers. Did I mention we’re making blintzes for fifteen people? Cameras just aren’t going to work.

Here’s the picture from the Interweb that best matches what the ones my family recipe produce look like (in the pan no less). Because I won’t be around to answer comments (although someone will be moderating – don’t be naughty), I’ll answer the inevitable question now: why blintzes? Because they’re dairy and because despite the fact that Jewish holidays go back to ancient times, most recipes which Ashkenazic Jews use seem to have originated in Eastern Europe in the last 300 years. I guess the Jews lost their cookbooks on the way to the Pale of Settlement.

Anyway, have a cheese-filled couple of days and think of me and my box of Lactaid. If you’re already vegetarian, uh, carry on as normal. Oh, and while you’re thinking milky thoughts, please enjoy this “demotivator poster” I put together with the fun tool I learned about on JF’s site. I dedicate it to the 2007 NY Yankees. Consider making your own and have a contest while I’m gone! I’ll save a blintze for the winner.

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