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On May 17, 2007
At 2:55 pm
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Well, it’s been a long time since I talked about Interpol so no complaining. But their new CD comes out July 10th and I’ll be there to pick up my copy (stupid Interpol, not signing with my label, bitchmoanbitch). But today I saw the cover for the first time, necessitating the cryptic title of this post.

Quite a departure from


Who designed this new one, Mutual of Omaha’s Gory Wild Kingdom?

Not promising. Luckily the new song is excellent. Here’s 30 seconds worth from Napster as well as a link to the stream of the full version.

Interpol – Heinrich Maneuver
Full version


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  1. Sarpon says:

    Um. Is there something wrong (I mean, more wrong) with the mouth on the lion to the left, or is that the way the image loaded on my screen? Kind of stretched out like a Salvador Dali painting?

  2. Im sure the elk (is that an elk?) started the fight. Lions are peaceful and tepid creatures unless provoked by a sailor mouthed Elk.

  3. RN says:

    Nothing wrong with using the circle of life to promote rock.

  4. Becca says:

    Sarpon, hm, it looks normal-sized to me. But I’m not a total expert on lion-jaws so I can’t really be sure.

    Mid, I see your point. The elk was clearly asking for it. Also, I’m not an expert on elk either so I’m just going to mindlessly agree that it is one.

    RN, this is true. And perhaps the elk(?) represents the band being devoured by a merciless press corps. Because they don’t exactly get swoonworthy reviews. Yes, I’m going with that.

  5. Soxy says:

    Oh — they’re fighting! Okay. Not what I was thinking. Maybe I should watch more Animal Planet.

  6. Becca says:

    Uh, yeah, I thought that too. Luckily I looked closer (what, you would have looked closer too!) before writing an entire post about interspecies homoeroticism and what that might mean for Interpol’s new album.

  7. Lydia says:

    I think it’s a gazelle and I think they’re just love bites.

  8. Average Jane says:

    Here’s to hoping the drastically different album cover art is indicative of a drastically different album…

    …I bought the last album unheard and was, um, disappointed? Eh, ya know? I’m going to pop it back in today, take off my judgy music hat and have another listen…

    … to be continued.

  9. KP says:

    I am sure there is some deeper meaning to the cover, but I won’t be finding it this early in the morning.

    Yay for new CDs! Does this mean they shall be touring this summer?

  10. Sarpon says:

    I’ve now spent way too much time (way too much = > any at all) examining the cover art to ascertain why the left lion looks so strange to me. I Googled my way back to the cover art image on Amazon and enlarged it as much as I could, and realized that what I took to be the lion’s gaping mouth is in fact it’s neck.

    So now I have another interpretation. Only female lions hunt, and although the lion behind the heartbeast is female her claws aren’t extended and she isn’t biting down on a haunch. The left lion could be a male, or a shaggy female, but in either case it looks to me as if the two lions are petting the heartbeast, which doesn’t seem as upset about being the filling in a lion sadnwich as one would expect a bovid to be.

  11. Pious B says:

    July 10th was also my street date (back in ’79)

  12. Becca says:

    You know, I’m going to have to write about Interpol more often. Or wildlife artwork analysis.

    Lydia, thanks for the Love Bites earworm. No really, I like that song.

    Jane, I have to say that I loved the last album, although not as much as the first. Not Even Jail was classic!

    KP, no dates have been announced in NY yet but they’ll be in town around the release date so I’m guessing it will be then.

    Sarpon, I have another interpretation. You need to redo the settings on your monitor.

    Pi, I had no idea, although you guys do have a great street team. I will mark that down on my calendar.

  13. kir says:

    Mmmmmmm now i want a steak (and I don’t even eat red meat)

    I felt that Antics was a little disappointing when it first came out too… then it grew on me. Here’s hoping the same with the new. I will love them forever and ever.

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