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iPod song of the week – The Jam

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On April 29, 2007
At 6:00 pm
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In my continuing (well now it is) series of “Cadillac commercials remind me of songs I adore, so much so that I can’t bring myself to hate the commercial” iPod Song of the Week posts, I present you with this week’s brilliant choice. This isn’t my favorite Jam song but it’s more representative of their style than my actual favorite (The Bitterest Pill… shut up!). I’m sure reams of blog pages have been written about the irony of a leftist band like The Jam shilling for Cadillac but I didn’t read them. This is so I can’t be accused of copying later.

Quite frankly, everyone knows my policy on selling out. Sometimes when you’re offered enough money, you just give in. But really, instead of getting disgusted, we the fans can just enjoy 30 seconds of this raw-edged, energetic (the exclamation point in the title is totally necessary, trust me), punky-catchy number which is based on the eternal sentiment that “what you give is what you get.” And surely, if you give us a great song that lasts years and years, you ought to get some financial reward to make your later life just that much more comfortable.

You can see the commercial here, it’s in the second row and is called “CTS Bose Edition.” (I looked for “Never respect The Fall the same way again” but that commercial is actually for Mitsubishi. It’s clear I don’t own a car, isn’t it?)

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The Jam – Start!