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This just in: Jewish Girls wanted in India

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On April 13, 2007
At 2:50 am
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I don’t know why I read Jewlicious but I do. Even though I only really skim their posts, I like their multi-faceted, Jews of all stripes, mostly based in Israel approach. Or maybe it’s the girl in the “I heart hashem” t-shirt. In any event, I have to say, my favorite comments are by the non-Jews. Since I can’t go to bed without having my RSS reader at zero (it’s a curse, I tell you!) I just went there (stupid partial feeds) when this comment caught my eye:

Sunny says:

I have respect for Jews especially the israeli jews because they have shown tremendous bravery by living in such a hostile surrounding.
Arab-israeli dispute should end as soon as possible.

I developed interest in jew because their customs are similar to our Hindu customs.

And i will definitely marry a jew and bring her to india to live and enjoy india’s diversity and culture. I am confident that she will definitely raise our childrens to be good people.

Is anybody listening!!!

I’m listening, Sunny, and I’m interested in jew too. It sounds like a fabulous way to meet chicks, leaving comments on Jewlicious posts from 2005. But in case that doesn’t work out for you, I’d give Craigslist a try.

The song I want isn’t available on Napster. Which blows because it’s fabulous. But here’s the video which is also fabulous.