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Wasn’t it 60 degrees a couple of days ago?

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On March 16, 2007
At 5:51 pm
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The thing I forgot about Daylight Savings Time coming three weeks earlier is that suddenly I can leave work an hour later on Fridays. For those who don’t know or remember or who have already started their Irish Drinking Day festivities, I have to get home by sunset on Fridays for the Sabbath. Except now it’s an hour later. Damn.

And in a perverse joke of nature, Winter decided to re-emerge today and it’s snowing/hailing so that all the bridge & tunnel crowd got out of here hours ago to try and beat the storm (which started last night so I don’t really get that but whatever). And I, who live in Manhattan, am still here at work.

But that’s it, I’ve worked, I’ve blogged, and now I’m going outside to get a faceful of ice before slipping and falling on my ass. Erin Go Blow Me, everyone!

Yaz – Winter Kills


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  1. KP says:

    I’m partial to Erin Go Braless, but the blow me thing will probably work for a lot of people as well.

  2. Becca says:

    I only did that one day and my cami was really supportive. I love the Irish just that much.

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