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Lost & found

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On February 22, 2007
At 1:20 am
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I have finally solved one of the mysteries on Lost. No, I have no idea what the whole meaning of the tattoo was or whose side Juliet is really on (I’m sure I’m not ruining anything for anyone who hasn’t seen it; how could I? I never have any idea about what’s going on). No, this is something much bigger and better! I discovered whatever happened to Diana Scarwid after Mommie Dearest! Because, uh, I seem to have missed these cinematic treasures:

  • The Neon Bible
  • Before He Wakes
  • The Angel of Pennsylvania Avenue
  • Psycho III
  • After the Promise
  • Gold Diggers: The Secret of Bear Mountain

And so forth. Yes, I see she was also on Prison Break recently, as well as Law & Order, but who wasn’t on L&O? I think I’ve been on that show. But it’s good to see in any case that she’s kept her twitchy acting style and her “I am not one of your FANS” dramatic flair.

You have got to be one of The Others.

Delerium – Lost and Found