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iPod song of the week – Duran Duran

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On February 11, 2007
At 2:50 pm
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If you’re like me, whether or not you celebrate Valentine’s Day, you desperately need a break from all the surrounding pinkness and “every kiss begins with Kay” atmosphere. So let’s go with a break-up song. I find it hard to believe that in the prime of his life anyone ever dumped Simon LeBon but this little ditty seems to provide evidence to the contrary. I seem to recall (please God, don’t make me try to research this amongst 5 million Durannie sites) that he wrote this as a teenager and the lyrics do seem to hold a certain teen view of what it might be like to run into the previous object of your affection.

Where are you now? Cause I don’t want to meet you
I think I’d die
I think I’d laugh at you
I know I’d cry
What am I suppose to do? Follow you?

… as well as the obligatory, “I was never really into you anyway” line:

It’s not as though, as though you really mattered

But even without the blunt “oh my God, everything reminds me of you and how will I ever recover” lyrics there’s the charging melody line which begins with the opening electro riff and just speeds urgently ahead line by line. Gosh, I do hope Simon walked out into the sun and found his new day.

Duran Duran – Careless Memories