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Speaking of lack of imagination

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On February 5, 2007
At 5:10 pm
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I’ve been a bit under the weather, that is, drugged and clutching a box of Puffs Plus, and there aren’t really a lot of posts in that. And sadly, the new WordPress upgrade doesn’t have the capability of actually writing the posts but I’m hoping for that in the next version. So until then, I’m just going to have to join the mainstream and rate Super Bowl commercials, especially since I’m pharmaceutically enhanced and so not thinking all that clearly (yes, yes, it’s nothing new). In between one or another team winning or losing (my ReplayTV can filter out all that football stuff), I did really like a few of them.

I don’t know if this happened last year but the commercials are all up “officially” on YouTube, and um, the names they were given by their corporate originators were a bit different than what I might have chosen. I mean, the one called “E*Trade Super Bowl Ad” just makes me feel like the folks at E*Trade ran out of inspiration after concocting the actual commercial (which I thought was tasteless anyway). And I doubt anyone is going to search for the lions trying to pronounce carne using the search terms “New Steak Grilled Taquitos.”

But the worst title was actually to my favorite commercial, “GM — WE’RE OBSESSED WITH QUALITY.” I think the all caps and the double dash add an especially lovely touch. Of course, I like to call this one, “Suicide Robot Accompanied By Eric Carmen.” Catchy, right?