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This is my world and I am world leader pretend

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On January 31, 2007
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Once upon a time there were three little girls who went to the police academy…no wait, let me restart.

Once upon a time there was a girl who started a blog and although she had some technical ability, this was all new to her. She knew how to write but not how to run the whole blog platform. She learned quickly and outgrew Blogger. But when she moved over to WordPress she became frightened and gratefully allowed others to take over. They did a great job and the girl began to answer questions about plugins with “I don’t know, someone handles that for me.” She thought of passwords that other people could memorize easily. At some point she lost control of everything but the words that appeared on the page, and even some of those. She was utterly dependent.

Eventually events conspired to make her have to deal with things herself because life always seems to know what’s best for people. And so finally the girl began to grow up. She moved to a server host where she didn’t actually know anyone and she started to look at all the files that made up her site. She discovered the “Leave a reply” line made no sense and changed it to something she liked better. This doesn’t seem like a lot but she was seriously afraid her blog would explode when she did it. Because God has a wicked sense of humor, her server happened to go down at the exact time she made the change. Luckily it came back a few minutes later just before the full throes of her heart attack began.

But that moment when it worked and the line said what she wanted it to say and she knew it had been all through her own efforts, well, it was a great moment in the life of the girl with the blog. She felt liberated and free. It was like Independence Day but colder and with fewer hot dogs.

I guess this is all a fancy way to tell you that I’m upgrading to the new version of WordPress this Sunday (I understand some people might be watching a football game or something so it seems like a good time) and the site may be down for a bit. Or forever if things go badly. But I’ll just start again then. Because now I can. I should mention that I also learned how to back-up my files, phew. Things might be hinky for a bit, who knows? If you notice something just mention it to the webmaster. Oh yeah, that’s me.


R.E.M – World Leader Pretend


XOXO, your friend, Joe

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I may post a real post later but this made me laugh and laugh. From today’s NY Times on the muted debut of Windows Vista:

“If there were a line, I would have been on there,” said Joe Torres Jr., 54, a security guard who bought a Vista operating system for himself yesterday morning at a Best Buy store in Midtown Manhattan, along with a Hewlett-Packard laptop fitted with Vista as a Valentine’s Day gift for a friend.

Can you imagine the scene at that guy’s place? “You called me your friend in the New York Times?”

Because, folks, I don’t know anyone who buys their friends laptops as gifts, especially for Valentine’s Day. Good call, Joe, good call.