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On January 22, 2007
At 1:20 am
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So when I said I’d have a non-tennis post later this weekend, I meant really later, as in technically Monday. I also didn’t foresee that I’d be too tired to say anything much. Actually, the only reason I’m even doing a post is that my heat seems to be off and the laptop is keeping me warm.

But onward. I’ve done a little market research, that is, read my comments, and I’ve become aware that several other people share my love and nostalgia for the game of Tetris. If you are also deeply fascinated by the history of computers, the fall of the Iron Curtain, and legal wrangling (what, am I the only one?), then you should absolutely check out a BBC documentary on the topic, available here. Did you ever wonder why there are 4 million free versions* of Tetris out there? Answered! Oh, you’ll also need an hour to kill. If you’re reading this from work, I’m going to go ahead and assume that you’ve got that in spades.

I also just installed more memory in my MacBook Pro after making sure I was absolutely static-free, which is never easy when you have hair past your shoulders. It worked! Sadly, I type just as slowly.


* I use Quinn for Mac, which makes a satisfying whooshing sound as the rows disappear. If the heat stays off I may actually play most of the night.


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  1. Go! Away! Now! [I said NOW] says:

    An hour to kill…. what is that like? These days I can barely give an hour a flesh wound.

  2. Sarpon says:

    You never get quite as much satisfaction from increasing your ram as you’d think you would.

    That goes for computing, too.

  3. Becca says:

    GA, I meant an hour to kill people. I’m pretty sure we can all make time for that.

    Sarpon, so you’re saying all that spam I get is lying? What a shame.

  4. I loved Tetris!

    You know, you’d think with one kid away in college and the other an hour away, I’d have an hour to kill people but I don’t. I’m having to find shortcuts to killing them. An hour is such a luxury. Sometimes, all I can do is give them THE LOOK and hope it’s enough.

    GoAway? If my stupey-head customer ever gets to his proctologist and finds his head, I’ll come up and we’ll combine our powers for a killer good time.

  5. Emeraldmph says:

    I still play the exact same cartridge of Tetris that I got with my first Gameboy back in… well, a bazillion years ago. Now I just play it in my new Gameboy Advanced.

    Total nerd for it. And my highest line count is in the 160s.

  6. Becca says:

    Killers can feel free to make plans for sprees on my site so long as I get to submit a list.

    Hm, Em, I must see what my high score is, although it’s many moons since I used to play on a regular basis. I’ll see what my Quinn one is, though.

  7. Jane says:

    Just thinking about Tetris has me playing in my head, which usually goes on for months and months.

    Could one of you with an hour to spare please just kill me?

  8. MzGrinch says:

    No way, Jane. I’ll challenge you to a Tetris Death Match OR I’ll teach you the obsession that is ZUMA.

  9. Becca says:

    I’ve had the music from Tetris in my head for like fifteen years. I should really be killed first. TIA.

  10. Soxy says:

    I love Tetris so much. We have it for X-Box, and its not nearly as fun as on Game Boy. But I still fall aslepp trying to fit certain shapes. I lead a tough life.

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