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On January 14, 2007
At 4:15 pm
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Being that this is a holiday weekend, (thanks to MLK who had a dream that we’d all have a day off), this isn’t going to be one of those terribly well thought out posts, not that mine usually are. But I did just want to remind everyone that tonight is that big TV return we’ve all been waiting for, that we’ve been anticipating for months and dreaming of all the time. Yes, it’s the Australian Open! What did you think I meant, 24? Clearly you don’t read this blog at all. Anyway, being that there’s that whole time zone thing going on, this evening is actually tomorrow over there and we get our first big tennis of the year. You know what that means: I actually had to update Where in the World is David Nalbandian! We’ll see if I can do better at that this year. If you’re not a tennis fan, don’t worry, I won’t be giving this tournament the full US Open week of blog posts treatment. If you’re not a 24 fan, I won’t be giving that any sort of treatment either. Maybe American Idol, we’ll see if it could actually be any more interesting than Paula Abdul’s crazy-drunk interview last week.

Speaking of TV, I really have to mention two commercials I’ve recently seen. I don’t have a DVR in my bedroom and so when I’m watching that TV I’m actually stuck watching commercials. The first one is just brilliant, it starts with a version of Franz Ferdinand’s “Take Me Out” just different enough to not upset any copyright laws and it’s this woman dancing around in the waves. Naturally, it’s for a weight-loss drug. But the great thing about it is, the woman says, “I don’t do it for guys, I don’t do it for girls, I do it for me.” Fabulous. At the end of the ad she repeats that affirmation, extorting you to get it for yourself. Then the URL appears: “” Right, glad we got that whole “love yourself” message across.

The second one is for a new movie, nothing special, but it’s the one that was filmed partially on my block. It’ll be out in one month’s time and although I’ve broken a number of other promises I made in this blog, I will indeed be seeing Music & Lyrics when it arrives in theaters next month. I will of course report back to see if my street made it into the finished film. Promise!

Title comes from:
Franz Ferdinand – Take Me Out


12 Comments for this post

  1. RN says:

    The Austrian Open is playing at my house.

  2. Julia says:

    How the hell did those newscasters keep a straight face?

  3. Becca says:

    RN, do they serve linzertorte there?

    Julia, I know! I couldn’t actually make it though the whole video myself.

  4. David says:

    Can’t believe it’s the Aus Open again already. I miss home.

  5. Suby (Cathy) says:

    I love that song so much.

  6. RN says:

    We’re serving paunzen and applemush

  7. Becca says:

    David, and it’s almost Australia Day! Sorry, that didn’t make you feel better, did it?

    Suby/Cathy, me too.

    RN, I am so there.

  8. Jan says:

    the kicker was that the news clip is from the early morning news! i know it was seattle news and paula was in nyc, but still, girlfriend was hitting the bottle pretty hard for late morning.

  9. KP says:

    I love that song. It makes me want to jump up and down, which pleases most people in my presence.

  10. Sarpon says:

    You have more TVs than people in your house? Hmm.

  11. Becca says:

    Jan, I’m thinking she started the night before and just never quite stopped.

    Sarpon, occasionally other people come into my home. Shhh, don’t tell anyone. Plus, I like to watch TV both in bed and in the living room, just like you married people.

  12. Sarpon says:

    I regret having ever purchased the bedroom TV, as it is now on all night long most nights. Its intended purpose was to allow the adult residents to watch “grown up TV” without traumatizing small, impressionable people who might ask embarassing questions about the Bada-Bing dancers or the Starr Report.

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