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And now for some updates

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On January 11, 2007
At 11:45 am
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I hear that Guy in that white House gave some sort of speech but I thankfully wasn’t around to hear it; I’m sure some more political blogs will be talking about that. Instead, let’s do some updating. I know no one has been able to sleep at night wondering how some of these things turned out. I’ll go backwards.

1. Snow – Yeah, that didn’t last too long. Next!

2. Gas – I don’t think they ever figured that out. That inspires a lot of confidence in me.

3. Unseasonable weather – is supposed to be back this weekend. I got to wear my cute hat for precisely two days.

4. Flavor of Love spinoff – disappointing, but I’ll keep watching.

5. Sleep schedule – finally back to normal. I guess humankind was meant to sleep at night after all. Luckily I have another vacation Monday (thanks, Martin Luther King, Jr.!) so there’s ample chance to fuck it up all over again.

6. MacBook – I know, you have to go back a couple of weeks for this but I did decide to keep it. Sure, the fonts are a bit fuzzy and I don’t understand the half of it but I will, just wait and see. I will not, however, be buying a $600 iPhone. Sure, I carry four gadgets (a phone, a Blackberry, an iPod, and a camera) with me most of the time but each thing does what it does very well. And Steve Jobs got all my money last month anyway.


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  1. Jane says:

    I just can’t get excited about the iPhone.

  2. Go! Away! Now! [I said NOW] says:

    I can’t keep up with gadget world, so I refuse. Remind me of this a year from now when I say I need the newer-fangled version of my beloved Treo. A fine example of how fucked-up gadget world is: I bought one of those super-expensive Sony Clie hoodingies back when I got my Vaio laptop because my old Palm V had a serial port and not a USB. 9 months and $800 dollars later, I had a phased-out humongous hunk of technology with which I could endlessly play Demon Solitaire. Oh, and it captured an adorable snippet of The Boy at 18 months singing the ABC’s for his grandmother… but I could never get that piece of video from the damn Clie to the Vaio. Frikkin Sony. Where’s a clip Big Audio Dynamite when I need it?

  3. Becca says:

    Jane, no, me either. I’m almost disappointed I’m not more excited.

    Why, GoAway, you’re so emphatic today. But there are so many product names in your comment that I think I’ve been blinded.

  4. Emeraldmph says:

    Oh, see, I saw the iPhone and got all excited. But that might just be the part of me that is realizing that between the PDA (aka My Brain), phone, and MP3 player (that is NOT an iPod and makes me horribly jealous of iPods), I’m carrying around too much crap.

    The idea of dropping Verizon for Cingular though? -shudder-

    In Seattle weather news, it snowed 1 inch and the entire city ground to a halt. And I thought Virginia was bad.

  5. CSIGirl says:

    Don’t feel bad Becca. We aren’t getting any snow in WI either. Plus it’s 40 degrees today and they are canceling all the uaual local ice events. I’m telling you it’s just not winter.

    Oh, and I’ll never get the new iphone. I enjoy having each seperate gadget. I can learn all the functions on each one much easier than learning how to do 5 different things on one confusing device.

  6. Becca says:

    Em, you just need a purse with more pockets! Then your whole purse vibrates and you get to wonder which of your gadgets it is.

    No snow in Wisconsin?! Now I know the universe is way off-kilter.

  7. Julia says:

    If you’re feeling at all reality-show deprived as per update #4, as I currently am (until next week’s AWESOME return of American Idol), I’d like to recommend Beauty and the Geek. If you’re unfamiliar, it’s about beauties. And geeks.

  8. Is the spin-off the one with New York?

    I’m not feeling the blogginess yet today on my blog so, please, permit my bloggy response to your blog.

    I don’t watch much TV and when I do, it’s mostly crime shows with a little bit of Food Network. The true crime ones, such as City Confidential, American Justice, Forensic Files, Cold Case Files, etc. are my favorites. I don’t care for sitcoms. I despise most reality TV; although, there are two exceptions. The first reality TV show is Top Chef. I love it, I’m not ashamed of it. It’s the only show I know the schedule for and I’m almost always sitting in front of my TV waiting for it.

    The other reality show? I’m kind of ashamed about watching it. It stuns people who work or socialize with me that I watch it. It is the Flavor of Love. Jimmy help them! It’s a train wreck. It’s horrible!


    I think I need to block VH-1 on my TV. My kids are grown and gone but someone in my house needs adult supervision. I feel the siren call of New York’s insanity pulling me to the couch to watch.

  9. Sarpon says:

    Now we know why Becca has that look of distracted happiness on her face when she holds her purse in her lap on the subway.

  10. culotte says:

    I have to admit that I am a sucker for Apple products and while I love the look of the iPhone I just can’t get down with $499.

    I don’t need web browsing, that’s what turns me off. That’s why I have a computer. I just need a cell phone and an iPod. When they come out with that spanky gadget and sell it at $199 (with contract, I already have Cingular!) I’ll buy it.

  11. Becca says:

    Julia, I do indeed plan on watching American Idol. For at least as long as I can stand it. And I’ll give ILNY another chance. I’m good like that.

    Ima, don’t feel bad. We’re all suckers for New York’s, uh, charms. And I love pretty much any documentary hour on MSNBC. It’s all good.

    Why, Sarpon, I have no idea what you mean. Mostly because none of those devices work in the subway, although I’ve been known to answer previously received e-mails there. Then they fly away the second I arrive above ground.

    Oh, Culotte, it’s heaven to look up imdb references or Google maps or Hopstop directions on the go. You can also see your stats, not that I’d know anything about that.

  12. Becca says:

    Here, let me thwack you on the back, Jane. I think my Blackberry got stuck in your throat.

  13. John Masters says:

    I hadn’t seen about the gas smell that day on the news, and read about it first here. Then, a couple of days later, Dr. Dean Edell (spelling?), on the radio said this thing might, just might be a good example of mass hysteria. That maybe, just maybe, the smell was imagined. He didn’t think it was, but since they couldn’t find the cause…

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