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And now for some updates

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On January 11, 2007
At 11:45 am
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I hear that Guy in that white House gave some sort of speech but I thankfully wasn’t around to hear it; I’m sure some more political blogs will be talking about that. Instead, let’s do some updating. I know no one has been able to sleep at night wondering how some of these things turned out. I’ll go backwards.

1. Snow – Yeah, that didn’t last too long. Next!

2. Gas – I don’t think they ever figured that out. That inspires a lot of confidence in me.

3. Unseasonable weather – is supposed to be back this weekend. I got to wear my cute hat for precisely two days.

4. Flavor of Love spinoff – disappointing, but I’ll keep watching.

5. Sleep schedule – finally back to normal. I guess humankind was meant to sleep at night after all. Luckily I have another vacation Monday (thanks, Martin Luther King, Jr.!) so there’s ample chance to fuck it up all over again.

6. MacBook – I know, you have to go back a couple of weeks for this but I did decide to keep it. Sure, the fonts are a bit fuzzy and I don’t understand the half of it but I will, just wait and see. I will not, however, be buying a $600 iPhone. Sure, I carry four gadgets (a phone, a Blackberry, an iPod, and a camera) with me most of the time but each thing does what it does very well. And Steve Jobs got all my money last month anyway.