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On January 6, 2007
At 6:30 pm
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Yes, that title sets things up for a serious post but I fooled you! Nope, it’s not serious at all. That line just happened to be in my head when the following occurred. See, when I walk around on the sabbath, I don’t have my iPod so my brain just makes the necessary substitutions and today it happened to be playing the song from which that line comes as I was walking to synagogue. Luckily I’ve heard it about 1400 times and so my brain can just go on auto-pilot.

But as I’ve mentioned before, without the magic white buds in my ears I am just a magnet for homeless people to accost me and naturally, one did today. Actually, I mistook him for a person who could afford a hipster haircut and a leather coat but only because he was sporting a hipster haircut and a leather coat. I know they have that coat donation thing this time of year but I had no idea that they also had an expensive salon program as well. Silly me.

So I just kind of assumed he was going to ask me for the time or something. I knew the time, you see: late. Late for synagogue. Instead he began a long speech about how he just needed something to eat, any kind of food, etc. I listened patiently (although I kept walking) because I already knew I had nothing to give him. At the end of his speech I said, “I’m sorry, I don’t carry any money on my sabbath.” Because, you know, I’d be handing you my whole wallet if it weren’t.

If you thought that a homeless guy on the Upper West Side automatically understood that a girl in a skirt carrying a prayer book on a Saturday morning would have no money, you would be correct, sir! For some reason, though, he also thought he had gravely offended me by even asking and proceeded to apologize profusely. He then said in a humble tone, “I am fully aware of all that.” Well, excellent, I’m glad we have that all settled then. Onwards with the mental iPod then. That worked out well until I passed the autobody shop blasting Roxette’s “It Must Have Been Love.” If you find that I have shoved that earworm into your head, feel free to click the link below or the new iPod Song of the Week. I put it up early since I won’t be around tomorrow. Much better.

Neil Finn – The Climber