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The grass is always greener on the other side of the jetstream

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On January 5, 2007
At 10:30 am
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Hm, evidently that last one was a bit on the morbid side so let me just write something short to say that it is unspeakably warm here, I didn’t need a coat today, and I was able to go to the park last night in the evening.

And yet I would trade it all for this.

Yes, people seem to love this and I admit, this is my favorite kind of weather, not too cold, not too warm, but enough already. Next week it’s supposed to go down to the 40’s but you can’t have snow in the 40’s, so what use is it to me?

Sunday is supposed to be the last day of freakish weather but I won’t be here for it. More on that after the weekend.


This song has nothing to do with the topic except for the first word of the title (and recurring line). Oh, and that it’s freakish.

The Normal – Warm Leatherette