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iPod song of the week – Erasure

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On December 31, 2006
At 12:45 pm
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I didn’t set out to have something cheery in particular for the first week of the new year but I’m happy it ended up that way. Is there any band chirpier than this one? If there
was, could you even bear to listen? Most of you will see the name of this band and groan; they are already too chirpy and annoying for you. But after a break of about ten years I can actually bear to listen to them again.

I recently got into the show Scrubs (I know, I’m always late to these parties) but as much as the show is hysterical and genius, the episode based on this song is particularly genius. It demonstrates what I’ve known all along. Once this song gets into your head it will take ten years to leave.

But let’s evaluate it seriously. Beyond it’s bright catchiness, does any lover sound as passionately wronged as Andy Bell? Yes, it’s all camp but you never doubt for a moment that he means every word. And there is no one like Vince Clarke for the memorable electronic melody. Ready? Start singing along.

Erasure – A Little Respect