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iPod song of the week – Jellyfish

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On November 13, 2006
At 2:30 pm
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Yeah, yeah, I’m late again. But it turns out I didn’t actually own the song I wanted to do, blast it, and then life caught up with me. Anyway, let’s use our shortened week to go with the best song about a hooker ever! No, it’s not The Police’s Roxanne, although I dig that one too. Instead, it’s my favorite song from a little-known and little-appreciated band that wrote the poppiest, most Beatlesque songs outside Crowded House. Man, did they have hooks. But like all good bands, they were merely a cult favorite.

It’s OK, though, it’s never too late to discover genius music. And if you like this song I urge you to check out the entire album which I’m sure is available at your local independent record store. Support them today!

Jellyfish – The King Is Half-Undressed