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On November 7, 2006
At 2:16 pm
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Allow me to swim against the tide for a moment and explain why I’m not voting today. You see, I always vote, mostly because it makes me feel good in the way that only making ten other people wait outside while you pore over a machine from 1955 can. But not this year, because everybody running in my area either:

a. is corrupt
b. is a fake
c. has no experience
d. is unknown to anyone other than the family dog
e. is already set to win by 35 percentage points

Now, I know what you’re thinking, as I always do. “But Becca, every election is like that!” Maybe. But usually there’s someone I can feel good about. Or someone I can feel really good voting against. But this year, I hate them all. Pulling the lever for any of them will just make me weep at the state of humanity and there’s so much that makes me do that already, like the fact that Nickelback reached the Top 10 this week. Do I really need this too?

And on the news, when they talk about all the hotly contested races all over the country, New York is never amongst them. It just doesn’t usually happen here and certainly isn’t occurring this year. But it’s OK. As much as I enjoy trekking out to PS Bunchanumbers and reliving my worst days of gym class as I wait on line, I’m really all right with just going home and watching the results on TV from states where things actually matter.

Or I could watch Family Guy on my DVR. I’ll let you vote on which one you think I’ll actually do.


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