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iPod song of the week – Style Council

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On November 5, 2006
At 6:30 pm
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Last week’s song was hard and edgy and I do really love songs like that. But I can appreciate a gentle, breezy love song with the best of them and here’s one of my all-time favorites. Is there a more soulful, more tender, sweeter love song than this outside of Motown? I don’t know but I don’t believe so. And it’s by a white guy! But of course throughout his long career, solo, with the Jam, and here, the Style Council, Paul Weller has done these sorts of soul-inspired, brilliant pop songs.

Maybe the lyrics are trite but they’re sung with such gentle and sincere love, they just make you feel A-OK. Go ahead, listen and feel good.

The Style Council – You’re The Best Thing