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iPod song of the week – Nitzer Ebb

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On October 29, 2006
At 6:30 pm
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I actually had a request this week and I don’t usually take requests but this one was from one of my dearest friends (she doesn’t comment so none of you will know her, but she bought me dinner for my birthday, isn’t that enough for you?). Anyway, it was for a Tool song that I once put on a mixtape for her and she recently rediscovered (as well as an embarrassing picture of me, yay).

But anyway, I remembered after the fact that Tool is not available on any legal download services and this page is all about downloading legally. I think it’s probably the whole Radiohead artistic phenomenon of “our songs don’t stand alone but rather as full-length albums.” But it’s OK, I think in actuality she just wanted to see me write a few paragraphs about the song “Prison Sex.” Sadly for her and you, I will not be able to do that. What a shame.

Instead I bring you another hard-edged song that she and I used to enjoy back in the day. I can’t really speak to the lyrics just that there’s something so sinister and frantic in it, maybe it’s all those yelps, that it totally floats my boat. But also feel free to buy the Tool CD at your local Tower store which is going out of business and so it’ll be cheap.

Nitzer Ebb – Join In The Chant