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Reader of the Month – October!

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On October 16, 2006
At 11:42 pm
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Since this is my birthday month, I had to make my ROTM extra-spectacular. Who could I pick that would rock the J-Ball world enough to receive this incredible honor? Let’s see, it has to be someone who reads and comments a lot (naturally) but also someone who breaks the ROTM mold in some way. Even better is someone who tells me all the time that I’m prejudiced against an entire geographic region because I haven’t yet chosen her. And that could only be RN! Yes, it’s our resident Okie, RN, the Sooner fan. I don’t really know what a Sooner is but I understand the universal phenomenon of sports fanaticism.

Here’s RN with a permanent tattoo she got of her favorite team. Observant Jews think OU stands for Orthodox Union, but apparently things are different out there.

I’m also informed that RN’s daughter’s name has a Sooners connection but to protect the innocent (daughter, not Sooner) we’ll just leave that oblique.

When not attending all Sooners games (no really, there is an off-season, isn’t there?), RN is a …..wait for it….nurse. She doesn’t actually nurse anymore, but instead sells drugs. So if you see a nurse on your block pushing pills, make sure to congratulate her on this whole ROTM thing, OK?

Back home in Tulsa (the city, not the movie), RN has two and a half kids. The half is an exchange student but RN was coy on the subject of what exactly was exchanged for her. RN’s son plays in a rock band and her daughter doesn’t. Three cats who are part of no bands also help make up the RN household.

But it’s OK…is this not the glammest rock action shot ever? Yeah, I’d sign that guy. Sadly, I have no signing privileges. But I’d make him an awesome spreadsheet of his sales!

Speaking of bands, RN seems to really like them and their members, especially Gene Simmons of Kiss, pictured here getting up close with RN and some friend who doesn’t read J-Ball and therefore merits no mention. Sorry. Yeah, yeah, Gene Simmons doesn’t read me either, sue me

Hey, this is kind of a kinky picture, isn’t it? Gene would be so proud.

RN sent me like 20 photos, so I apologize for not including the kids and cats but this one had to make the cut. See, during football season, RN’s crew tailgates in the Hillel parking lot at U of OK. Hillel is the Jewish students organization, and, um, we’re not exactly known for our tailgating habits. The juxtaposition of two cultures in this photo made me laugh and laugh. Thanks, RN! (click to enlarge)

One of these people is RN’s husband but she’ll have to identify which one. That’s my way of ensuring she’ll comment. Pretty sneaky, huh?

Anyhoo, I did just want to say that the most important thing to know about RN, besides the fact that her comments are always smart and funny, is that she was extraordinarily nice about my delays in posting this. See, I told her two weeks ago that she was getting the crown and then I was all, “well, I’m going on vacation” and “maybe tomorrow” and “could be Sunday” and yet she was totally cool about it. That kind of understanding and patience and nicerosity totally rocks my world and made me want to make her Reader of Two Months. Then I could use some of her other wacky pictures (her daughter is adorable, so her pic would probably go first). But since she’s actually coming to New York next month and can claim her meal, I think that’s reward enough. Especially for me since I won’t be paying for said meal.

I had hoped to link to “Oh What A Beautiful Morning,” Oklahoma being one of my favorite musicals (shut up, I like Rodgers & Hammerstein), but, would you believe it? RN’s son’s band doesn’t just look good, they actually sound good. Who knew?

River City Ransom on MySpace


79 Comments for this post

  1. RN says:

    Finally. You have no idea how hard it was to keep this under wraps.

    I’m sure you have a few fans from this side of the Mississippi.

  2. Shark says:

    Yay Nerdy!

    I really need to get around to reading and commenting more on the Jewball.

    Which I’m doing. Starting now. Now!

    Are you writing this down, Becca?

  3. E11even says:

    I’m so jealous.


    I read, I read, I read.

    I’m just not funny enough to comment.

  4. Becca says:

    Hey now, there are only so many months in a year. I appreciate you all! Just some less pictorially.

  5. RN says:

    e11even, not having anything funny to say has never stopped me from posting.

  6. E11even says:

    You’re a hottie Nerdie one.

  7. TTinnocal says:

    Becca, love your blog. Nerdiferous, love the pictures!

  8. CSIGirl says:

    I just love ROTM. Yay Nerd, what a hottie!

  9. KP says:

    Yay for Nerd! What? No picture of your cupcakes? How about your brownies?

  10. sobie says:

    I’m just going out on a limb here and saying that RN’s DH is the one with the “penis cup”.


    I don’t think that’s him.

    But the guy with the “penis cup” made me laugh.

    Can I say “penis cup” here?

  11. RN says:

    HA! Nope he is without a penis cup. He’s the tall one.

  12. sobie says:

    Well that sure helps.

    Seeing as how they’re all SITTING DOWN.

    Oh, and what do you do? Stalk this page or sumfin’? How did you know I just commented?

  13. RN says:

    KP, we will take pictures of my cupcakes when I visit in Novemeber

    Sobie, as reader of the month I recieve instant notification of any comments. And full stalking rights of this post.

  14. kay says:

    Congrats, RN!

  15. suesback says:

    RN, your son’s band rocks. Congrats on the great ROTM honor.
    OK, I commented.

  16. DonniesGirl says:

    Yay RN!!

    Your son’s band is great!

    I saw Gene Simmons once at a grocery store. He’s a big guy even without those platform shoes.

    I guess your husband is in the red T-shirt??

  17. MB says:

    YAY Nerdito!

    I read, and read, and read. Nothing. Sheesh. Of course, I don’t comment, unless I’ve been drinking. I guess a drunk ROTM would be bad.

  18. Boo says:

    Aw, you’re a hottie. Congratulations, Nerd.

  19. Alex says:

    An excellent choice, Becca.

    Congratulations, RN. But did you really name your daughter Barry Switzer? If she ever left Oklahoma, she’d really get teased about that!

  20. RN says:

    Gene was a really big guy. With really big hands…

    The husband is the good looking one.

    Alex, of course we didn’t name her Barry Switzer. You think she can still leave the state if we named her “The Boz”?

    MB, drunk comments are the best. Or at least that’s what DuJa say’s.

    And thanks everybidy else. It’s great to be a ROTM, you should all try it.

  21. Becca says:

    Thanks, everyone! And may I just clarify for future ROTM’s: you will not be notified when comments are submitted, however, you are always free to stalk.

  22. sobie says:

    so what you’re saying, becca, is that your current ROTM is just a needy little rotm. she can’t be bothered to come here and read it herself, she has to have it emailed to her.

    figures, those sooners think everything needs to be handed to them.


  23. Becca says:

    No! That’s the fab part. She gets no notification at all and yet keeps coming back. I love that in any human.

  24. Alex says:

    You know, Becca, it’s probably a GOOD thing that you didn’t post a link to Rodgers & Hammerstein. I don’t know how our ROTM feels about “Oklahoma,” but I do know how I, having grown up in Kansas, feel about “The Wizard of Oz.” Goddam movie ruined my life.

  25. RN says:

    Sobie, I just “know” when to come back and look. Sooners just have that ESPn stuff happening.

    Alex, I feel a lot better about surries and prairies than I would munchkins and tornados.

  26. Alex says:

    But, RN, do people not from Okla. ask you whether there still ARE surries rolling around Oklahoma?

    When people learn I’m from Kansas, they usually say one of three things:

    1. “Surrender, Dorothy!” (Sometimes, “…and your little dog, too,” or “I don’t think we’re in Kansas any more”–it all counts as the same thing).

    2. “Did you grow up on a farm?” No, I grew up in a mid-size city of 300,000 people, and my father was a radiologist.

    3. “Oh…my family drove across Kansas once. It’s really flat/boring/a long way across.”

  27. RN says:

    Alex, they ask about the

    1. Indians. Yes, there are a lot of native Americans that live here. No they do not live in Teepee’s

    2. Cowboys. There are some real ones around. I think. I don’t do the whole country and western thing. I don’t even listen to Garth.

    3. PAC-10 officials. Yes it really was that bad of a call.

  28. Alex says:

    The cowboys are in Stillwater, aren’t they?

  29. Sarpon says:

    Great ROTM! I confess I was too busy ogling the legs of the guy in the red shirt to take note of the penis cup; thanks for bringing to my attention.

    And thank you, e11, for letting me know that you’re not funny. I had been laboring under the misconception that you were. I’ll be sure not to laugh at what you say in the future.

  30. RN says:

    Oh those cowboy’s. I keep forgetting about them.

    Yes they are. Would it be fair to say that the OSU cowboy’s are to the Sooners as the Mets are to the Yankees?

  31. sobie says:

    rn-it was a HORRIFIC call, I agree.

  32. Sarpon says:

    RN, you mean to say they are better?

  33. RN says:

    Sarpon, uh no. That isn’t it at all. And my H does have great legs doesn’t he?

    Sobie, I knew you would understand.

  34. alfagee says:

    Don’t be dissing my Mets!

    I hardly think it’s fair that I had to pay to gain some teensy weensy measure of J-Ball fame.

  35. paige says:

    RN, that pic of your son is awesome! So very rock star.

  36. sobie says:

    the husband told me all about it.

    He, an Aggie, thought it was a horrible call.

  37. RN says:

    Alfa, no dis of the Mets. It’s just the “other” team syndrome. And you got to write your page.

    Thanks Paige, I never thought he’d look like that running around in under-roo’s 18 years ago.

    Sobie, tell Mr Sobie we play November 4th.

    Becca, this was fun. Are you sure we can’t do it again next month?

  38. Soxy says:

    For a minute I was tres miffed about the comment notification. But now that I understand that RN is just a fab stalker, I understand. 37 comments in one day!

    Conrats, RN! What is a Sooner?

  39. sobie says:

    RN-I guarantee you that THAT day, I will not be speaking to either one of you crazy ass college football fans.

    Never.again. The year I watched it with him, was the 77-0 game (in favor of your Sooners). When I told him I thought it was stupid that OU kept taking the knee instead of running for more touchdowns, he almost left me forever.

  40. RN says:

    Soxy, it helped that I am home sick with this cold/flu plague. I was able to stalk everytime I sneezed.

    A Sooner was a person that jumped the gun at the big land run out here a hundred years or so ago. Somehow this term got turned around from being a cheater to a great, progressive, can do person.

    Yes, I had to look this up.

    Sobie, I remember that game. I bet he wasn’t happy with your philosophy.

  41. Becca says:

    Sure we can do it again next month. Of course, there will be a different ROTM, but I’m sure it will be a highly exciting and thought-provoking member of the J-Ball community. If I could find one.

  42. sobie says:

    See, that puts me out of the running forevah. But that’s okay, I know what I am, and I know what I’m not. I’m good with it. I’ve made my peace. I know one such as I is not destined for great things. I mean, I know I can’t have everything I want. I have to learn to live with the things I’ve got and not yearn for the things I cannot have. ROTM isn’t everything, and in the whole grand scheme of things, I am sure it’s just speck, right? I mean, I’m not actually gonna attain enlightenment or even get a cookie or something from getting such an honor. An honor reserved only for those that truly truly understand becca and all her tennis lovin’, rap sellin’ ways. It’s not that she doesn’t love me, it’s just that why should she care? I mean, who cares? I don’t care. Uh uh, not one little bit. Not one leeeeetle iota of care from Me. Nosirree bob, I don’t. You can just take this little magicjewball blog and have your little fun with you perfect little crowd and your perfect little comments and your perfect, you’re perfect….


  43. Sarpon says:

    Being ROTM was the highlight of my year.

    No, I jest.

    Of my millennia.

    You think that having a career is fulfilling until you have children. You think having children is fulfilling, but that’s only because you have not yet tasted of the true fulfillment that is seeing yourself as ROTM.


  44. RN says:

    Sarpon, Ed Zachery.

  45. Celia says:

    I was going to post that I was bitterly disappointed that this ROTM entry has garnered over 40 comments in a day, while my appearance as ROTM generated only 17, most of them from me and my co-ROTM.

    But then I saw Sobie’s tragic post, and I also remembered that people in the Congo don’t even get to read Magic Jewball, and I decided to count my blessings.

  46. Jan says:

    I saw a BMW with a license plate that said CONGO the other day.

    I giggled.

  47. Alex says:

    Sure, Jan, YOU can giggle. But in the Congo, they don’t even have license plates that say CONGO.

    Sarpon, RN, that ROTM buzz is a fleeting thing. And if you’re not careful, you spend the rest of your life chasing it, like a heroin addict.

    For which reason, Sobie, Nancy Reagan and your parents want you to “Just say NO” to ROTM.

  48. RN says:

    Alex, that was her plan for sex too.

    Didn’t work.

  49. Becca says:

    Best comment day ever!

  50. Becca says:

    I’m sorry, I just had to be #50, I don’t really have anything to say here.

  51. Alex says:

    Becca, I suppose I could go back and look through the blog, but is 50 a record?

  52. Becca says:

    Yes, I think the best before this was thirty-something. Champagne for everyone!

  53. RN says:

    And nachos. We really need some nachos with the champagne.

  54. Becca says:

    Is that what they eat in the Hillel parking lot?

  55. RN says:

    Some times. Actually that dish setting there is full of pp’s buffalo wing chicken dip.

    We like to shake things up every week.

  56. sobie says:

    Nancy Reagan is my NEIGHBOR!

    Or actually, she *was* I sheeit you not. In my hometown, her parents house was on the same street I grew up on. Currently, my brother’s idiot friend is living in that house with his idiot wife and their “I’m sorry your parents are idiots” children.

    And let me go nurse my DD, then I’ll take you up on that champagne. I don’t know if I can deal with a drunk 7 month old right now.

  57. sobie says:

    Oh, and alex, spoken like a “true” former ROTM.

    Like your words mean anything to me.

  58. b says:

    i’ve been in that parking lot! oh ou and norman, oklahoma, i miss you. too bad about adrian…

  59. RN says:

    I heard this morning that AD might be back for the Baylor game.

    We’re in that parking lot every home game. Come by for a beer and a brat. Or burger if you’re not a brat kinda tailgater.

    Becca, I wonder what kind of google hits you’re getting off of this?

  60. sobie says:

    the best will be for the penis cup reply.

    of that, I am sure.

  61. Sarpon says:

    RN, did you have any idea you’d be so popular? I’ll bet Becca’s wondering how to attract more readers from the wilderness now.

  62. Becca says:

    Google won’t pick this stuff up for a few days. Then we’ll see.

    I have readers in the wilderness? I didn’t even know they had wifi there!

  63. RN says:

    I have wifi on my back porch. It does get kind of wild out there every now and then.

    I think most of the comments are from the big city anyway. Or at least on the other side of the Mississippi.

  64. Soxy says:

    ROTM is a fleeting honor. By the next month, everyone forgets about you. That’s why you have to claim your meal, so you can get another attention hooring post out of it.

    Not like I know, or anything.

  65. KP says:

    They may forget you as ROTM, but they always remember your cupcakes. And did ANYONE see my iPod Song of The Week post? ANYONE? Le sigh…

  66. sobie says:

    all you former rotmers can stuff it where the sun don’t shine.

    try walking in OUR shoes for once! We, the many unloved, uncared for, untouched masses who ROTM will forever be a dream. A sad, sad, unfulfilled dream that we will remember many many many moons from now as we sit in our lazyboy recliners at the nursing home of our children’s choice.

    For shame.


  67. RN says:

    Soxie, I already made travel plans to collect on my dinner. You should join us and attention hoor again with me.

    KP, I did! I didn’t show my cupcakes but my husband’s legs might be remembered?

    Sobie, maybe you should start a ROTM for your blog. I know a great person for the first. The Sooner the better!

  68. sobie says:

    Like I want my husband pissed at me for a whole month.

    Wait, maybe then I might actually get some sleep.

  69. Soxy says:

    So being ROTM is more fulfilling than having children? I imagine it hurts less than childbirth…

  70. KP says:

    Dudes! My iPod Song of the Week is still up! Check it out now or I’ll never show you my cupcakes again.

  71. sbmusky says:

    I used to steal little kids lunches in the Hillel parking lot. Don’t ask.
    Mazel Tov RN
    Go Tigers.

  72. RN says:

    Sobie, what would you husband say if you brought a Sooner home for the weekend?

    Soxy, the pain is less but I have to buy dinner for these kids all the time.

    KP, I did! It rocks!

    sbmusky, you didn’t steal our grill last year did you?

  73. sobie says:

    He would say that there’s a perfectly decent Holiday Inn (or because he’s not an OU fan), a standing Motel 6 just on the other side of the highway from us.


  74. culotte says:

    What is this, Dooce?

    That’s a whole lotta comments!

  75. Becca says:

    Holy crap! No, if I were Dooce, I’d be selling ads and making money off the lot of you. Then I’d sleep on a pile of money and laugh in an evil, cartoonish fashion.

  76. RN says:

    You should have sold ads and bought my ROTM cupcakes.

    Sobie, I guess a standing Motel 6 is better than the alternative?

    Becca, next month’s ROTM is going to have to step it up ‘eh?

  77. Cathy (suby) says:

    I never knew that Hillel was a Jewish organization. Odd that they had such a huge contingency at my Jesuit College.

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