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Reader of the Month – October!

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On October 16, 2006
At 11:42 pm
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Since this is my birthday month, I had to make my ROTM extra-spectacular. Who could I pick that would rock the J-Ball world enough to receive this incredible honor? Let’s see, it has to be someone who reads and comments a lot (naturally) but also someone who breaks the ROTM mold in some way. Even better is someone who tells me all the time that I’m prejudiced against an entire geographic region because I haven’t yet chosen her. And that could only be RN! Yes, it’s our resident Okie, RN, the Sooner fan. I don’t really know what a Sooner is but I understand the universal phenomenon of sports fanaticism.

Here’s RN with a permanent tattoo she got of her favorite team. Observant Jews think OU stands for Orthodox Union, but apparently things are different out there.

I’m also informed that RN’s daughter’s name has a Sooners connection but to protect the innocent (daughter, not Sooner) we’ll just leave that oblique.

When not attending all Sooners games (no really, there is an off-season, isn’t there?), RN is a …..wait for it….nurse. She doesn’t actually nurse anymore, but instead sells drugs. So if you see a nurse on your block pushing pills, make sure to congratulate her on this whole ROTM thing, OK?

Back home in Tulsa (the city, not the movie), RN has two and a half kids. The half is an exchange student but RN was coy on the subject of what exactly was exchanged for her. RN’s son plays in a rock band and her daughter doesn’t. Three cats who are part of no bands also help make up the RN household.

But it’s OK…is this not the glammest rock action shot ever? Yeah, I’d sign that guy. Sadly, I have no signing privileges. But I’d make him an awesome spreadsheet of his sales!

Speaking of bands, RN seems to really like them and their members, especially Gene Simmons of Kiss, pictured here getting up close with RN and some friend who doesn’t read J-Ball and therefore merits no mention. Sorry. Yeah, yeah, Gene Simmons doesn’t read me either, sue me

Hey, this is kind of a kinky picture, isn’t it? Gene would be so proud.

RN sent me like 20 photos, so I apologize for not including the kids and cats but this one had to make the cut. See, during football season, RN’s crew tailgates in the Hillel parking lot at U of OK. Hillel is the Jewish students organization, and, um, we’re not exactly known for our tailgating habits. The juxtaposition of two cultures in this photo made me laugh and laugh. Thanks, RN! (click to enlarge)

One of these people is RN’s husband but she’ll have to identify which one. That’s my way of ensuring she’ll comment. Pretty sneaky, huh?

Anyhoo, I did just want to say that the most important thing to know about RN, besides the fact that her comments are always smart and funny, is that she was extraordinarily nice about my delays in posting this. See, I told her two weeks ago that she was getting the crown and then I was all, “well, I’m going on vacation” and “maybe tomorrow” and “could be Sunday” and yet she was totally cool about it. That kind of understanding and patience and nicerosity totally rocks my world and made me want to make her Reader of Two Months. Then I could use some of her other wacky pictures (her daughter is adorable, so her pic would probably go first). But since she’s actually coming to New York next month and can claim her meal, I think that’s reward enough. Especially for me since I won’t be paying for said meal.

I had hoped to link to “Oh What A Beautiful Morning,” Oklahoma being one of my favorite musicals (shut up, I like Rodgers & Hammerstein), but, would you believe it? RN’s son’s band doesn’t just look good, they actually sound good. Who knew?

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