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iPod song of the week – KP Pick

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On October 8, 2006
At 6:25 pm
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Since I’m out of commission, and KP is the only one who even reads this thing, I let her choose. Here goes:

“Since Becca ruined my life by introducing me to the song Blue by the Jayhawks, I must return the favor by hopefully ruining someone else’s life with my song choice. It is called Can I Stay by Ray Lamontagne. I heard about 5 seconds of Ray one day and immediately searched for his new CD. I was not disappointed. Every song is amazing, but this one…this one is simple yet heart wrenching. You can hear the aching and longing in his almost whispered vocals, making you wish someone was singing this to you. Someday perhaps.

Now go download it before Ray gets too popular and we can’t like him anymore.”

Ray LaMontagne – Can I Stay (KP guest pick)