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iPod song of the week – Bob Mould

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On October 1, 2006
At 6:20 pm
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To make up for last week’s song, which was great, but didn’t have a lot of explanation, here’s one that has a lot of meaning to me, especially right now. Frankly, I think most of the song is nonsense but the part that I get, I really get. And the nonsense part is full of cool couplets where every three words rhyme and they twist your tongue to say.

This is actually the first song I ever bought on iTunes and here’s why. To me, it’s kind of about how you wish for things, but are you really prepared for your wishes to come true? I always think of these lyrics:

Suppose the waters and wishes appear?
Will the price be no object?
I wish for dreams of light
I live for wishing well surprise

And then my answer is always, yes, bring it on. Because I also live for wishing well surprise.

Bob Mould – Wishing Well