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I have you all in my pocket and it feels good

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On September 27, 2006
At 7:10 pm
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Thanks for voting! It seems I’m going to Paris. Now as soon as one of you plans the trip for me, I’ll be off. Don’t forget to get my refunds from Amtrak and JetBlue, thanks. Because quite frankly, enough of my money is tied up in rebates for my Blackberry. It’s one of those things that cost $300 up front with 45 refunds that make it free….eventually. See, before I even submit them I first have to wait till my contract goes two months because the site I bought it from won’t take my word for it that I’m in love with this thing and won’t ever give it up, even if they have to pry it out of my cold dead hands.

It all started when I was sitting next to my brother at the US Open and right there in the great outdoors of the National Tennis Center he was able to check his e-mail, see scores from other courts, and – here’s the kicker – read the very site you are on now. I knew I had to have one.

I know lots of people want to have a break from their e-mail and maybe even the web, but I am not among these people. Maybe it’s because I haven’t set it up to read my work e-mail, just my 90 other e-mail accounts. But think of it. You know how you’re in a movie and you can’t place the actor? is in your pocket. Sports scores all the time. Ability to delete comments from the site you are on now. Not that I’ve ever had to do that, luckily, you guys being so nice and thoughtful. But having the Internet at all times is a dream come true. If you have odd dreams like I do.

Plus, people suddenly think you are treating them like a VIP. I was away from my computer and in the midst of some important activity, but I took time to answer your e-mail. And you know that because it automatically gets added to the bottom of every e-mail. Sent via Crackberry. Oooooh. Ahhhhhh.

I haven’t yet decided whether I will drive Jane crazy in Paris with my Blackberrying or if maybe instead she’ll knock me down and grab it so that she can check her own e-mail. Because this thing works all over the world, did I mention? Let other people spend their Euros at Internet cafes.

And of course now when I e-mail the rebate people to tell them it’s been six months and I’m still awaiting my check, it’ll be sent via Crackberry, ooooh, aaaaaah.


Yes, yes, I know this post was crap but I had 5 hours of sleep, I’m leading a life so crazy that a reality TV crew should be following me around, and there are three more holidays this month. I suppose I should have written about all that. Oops, too late.


Kraftwerk – Pocket Calculator


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  1. Sarpon says:

    You don’t have to convince me. I come home from the office where I primarily work on a computer and begin my hobby time, which consists of plopping my butt down in front of a computer. My reward to myself at work for being productive on the computer is stealing away for a few minutes to check in with my imaginary friends via the computer.

    What I dream of is a TV remote with a laser pointer that lets you ping a character on the screnn and link to IMDB and get their credits. That would rock.

  2. Jane says:

    If I could install the internet on the inside of my eyelids, I would.

  3. KP says:

    All I know about this Blackberry is 1. I get all happy when I get an email from one and 2. Now I want one so i can be cool too. My kids want Mr. Kp to buy me an ESPN phone or something like that so I can get the baseball scores, but I have talked them into asking him to buy me a Blackberry instead. Mwahahahaha….I love that I can still mold their little minds.

  4. Alfa says:

    When they come out with a pink Crackberry, I’m so there. I simply can’t go back to ordinary color gadgets.

  5. Becca says:

    Sarpon, I dream of that too! My God, we’re nerds.

    Jane, if that would keep you from stealing my Crackberry, I’m all for it.

    KP, NO, this thing is fantastic for scores. Get this!

    Alfa, as long as they’re primarily for business, I’m afraid it won’t happen, not that I don’t long to pull out a pink Blackberry at a meeting.

  6. Sarpon says:

    Becca, it might not work for TV but I’ll bet there’s a way to do it with a touchscreen computer monitor and a DVD. We need to get working on it. Let’s see, we’ll need seed money and advanced degrees in computer science and electronics.

    Or else we’ll have to create it by magic.

    Which could we do faster, do you think?

  7. twenchi says:

    I’m old. The keyboards on those things are like, teeny tiny. They’re for you young people 🙂

  8. Vicki, Florida says:

    Bec, I can’t believe you picked Kraftwerk. I think my dad had every Kraftwerk album out there. I still remember him vibrating the house playing Autobahn(sp).

    Have fun in Paris.

  9. Becca says:

    Sarpon, science is way too complimacated for me. I’ll just go with magic, thanks.

    Twenchi, it’s OK, you just have to shrink your fingers. Ask Sarpon about that whole magic thing.

    Vicki, thanks! I’ve always dug Kraftwerk too and that’s actually my friend Lou’s favorite one by them. He can do all the “beep boop” noises, even. Ironically, he now lives in Germany.

  10. I also love that you picked that Kraftwerk song! It’s a beauty! I sang it to my friend’s cockatiel – “I am an operatah with my pocket calculatah, boodle-oodle-doo-bah-boodle-oodle-doo-bah-boodle-oodle-oo-oo-boodle-oodle-doo!” – and the bird actually loved it.

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