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Won’t you be my travel planner?

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On September 25, 2006
At 12:05 am
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Hi, readers, I’m home!

After a lovely weekend of stuffing, gorging, praying, and sleeping, I feel refreshed and rejuvenated. Bring on the new year! Actually, there are several other holidays coming up in the next month but there’s time enough for that later. Now I need help planning my vacation.

Originally, I had plans to take a train across the US. This is something I’ve dreamed of for years and years if you’d believe it. The copyright on my “Rail Ventures” guidebook is like 1993. But then other vacations came along. See, I’m sort of a discount vacation to Europe freak. Every time they’d have that British Airways commercial where the guy in the street shouts “where is everybody?!” before playing jazzy music and flashing ridiculously low fares to London, it was like a Pavlovian signal to dig out my passport. And so, I saw London, I saw Cornwall, I saw Wales, I saw Scotland, I saw Ireland, I saw London again. Occasionally, I even saw countries outside the British Isles, like France and Holland and Belgium and Germany. I’d go for the weekend even. It was cheaper to go to London for the weekend then it was to go to Florida. And they don’t have cream teas in Florida, even if I were a “lie on the beach” kind of girl, which I’m not.

North DakotaSo the Amtrak vacation just lay in wait, humbly on the backburner. Then I got a mortgage and stopped traveling anywhere (perhaps you are aware of what real estate in Manhattan costs). Sure I went to Israel for some family occasions and to Tampa for Spring training, but I don’t really consider any of those vacations. It has to be like a week, you have to actually leave your home, and no family occasions can be involved. But I’ve finally begun to rebuild my savings and this was the year for the Empire Builder on Amtrak. First to Chicago, then through Wisconsin, Minnesota, Montana, North Dakota, and finally to Portland (you can go to Seattle too but I’ve already been to Seattle). What could be more relaxing then a week on a train watching peaceful scenery go by as you read a book and contemplate life? I’d even have my own sleeper section. Yes, it all seemed lovely and I booked my trip.

ParisBut perhaps you have read this post of DuJane’s. DuJane is my good friend, even though we’ve never met. We e-mail four hundred times a day and make each other laugh and tell each other our problems so I don’t have to inflict them on you. Of course, Jane no longer has any problems, but that’s OK, it means she has more time for mine. Jane calls me smoochy baby and always has an experience in her life that corresponds with mine. If you have read the post I linked to above, the idea has already formed itself in your head, I’m sure (my readers are smart, S-M-R-T.) Becca, why not go to Paris with Jane? My God, what an excellent idea. Can Amtrak wait another year? Does JetBlue give refunds? Can the blogosphere deal with an exciting event like “Two Bloggers Do Paris?”

Forget all that, I know what you’re thinking. Didn’t you say that you and Jane have never even met? It’s true, we haven’t. But I can use some of my previously booked Amtrak trip to go to Chi-town and meet her in advance. Either way I’m not really worried about it. You see, I’ve met lots of people from the Internet. Thirty or forty, probably. And each time, the person is even better, more them, than I would have even expected. Certainly someone I know as well as Jane shouldn’t be a problem. As a matter of fact, I expect Jane and I to thoroughly enjoy ourselves in Chicago as we spend our time shopping, eating, and getting drunk. I’m only afraid Paris won’t top that. But you see, Jane is on a mission to find her favorite hot chocolate and what kind of friend would I be if I weren’t there to help her out on her quest? And then we’ll blog about it every day. Everybody wins!

I think my mind is already made up but go ahead and weigh in anyway.

The Go-Go’s – Vacation


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  1. Jane says:

    I vote for Paris.

    And I think that top picture was taken from my backyard in North Dakota.

  2. KP says:

    This is a no brainer. Paris with DuJane it is!

    Oh, and your post begs for the following to be written: I see London. I see France. I see Becca’s underpants.

    This is what having two boys and hanging out with a 22 yr old guy has done to me. Maybe I should come to France with you.

  3. kay says:

    Go! Go!

    This way TWO of you can bring home chocolate for me!

    Seriously, do it. Two of my other imaginary friends met In Real Life for the first time in Budapest and they had an absolute ball.

  4. kay says:

    Besides, it’s always useful when traveling to have someone with you who can post bail.

  5. Becca says:

    I see a concensus forming, although I may have to discount Jane’s vote.

  6. Jan says:

    Jane, I read the most horrifying story about North Dakota’s abortion laws in Marie Claire this weekend. (Shut it, I don’t normally read Marie Clarie, I was stuck on the Cape in the rain and Cumberland Farms had the worst magazine selection I’ve ever seen).

    I think perhaps you and Becca should go to Paris, have a fabu time, and then you could defect there. I’m sure it won’t be as exciting as ND, but somehow I think you’ll manage 🙂

    Can’t wait to read the ‘Becca and Jane do Paris’ blog entries!!

  7. Becca says:

    I forgot about that whole abortion thing. Man, this is looking like a landslide.

    BTW, when I said “Becca and Jane do Paris,” I meant Paris, France, not Paris Hilton. Everyone who voted knew that, right?

  8. Anonymous says:

    You definitely have to go to Paris with Jane.

  9. Sarpon says:

    They have trains in Europe, you know.

    Actually, you do know, because you’ve been there, while I have not. You’ve been able to travel when the mood strikes you as long as you have the vacation time and the finances, while I have been chained to one obligation or another since the earlty 80’s.

    Tell that to the maternal voice in your head next time it says “yes, but at least she has a husband.”

  10. Becca says:

    I know, I’ve ridden them. Is that the correct tense?


    No, no, the point was to have a fun few days with a friend. The “life contemplation” trip can happen some other time.

    And I don’t have any voice in my head that says that, Sarpon, which is probably why I don’t have one.

  11. Jane says:

    I totally meant Paris Hilton.

    This is the problem with meeting people on the internet. There’s a breakdown in communication.

  12. Becca says:

    Yeah, this Internet thing sure blows.

  13. Molly says:

    Or you could both do the Amtrak across America trip and stop in St. Louis to meet me.

    Meeting Molly
    Going to Paris

    Come on. That’s a no-brainer.

  14. Alfa says:

    Just promise me you won’t have sex with unwashed foreigners.

    And when you do, you’ll blog about it in detail.

  15. Becca says:

    I thought you lived in Paris, Molly. Damn.

    Wait a second, Alfa, am I supposed to or not supposed to? Please don’t confuse me any more than I already am.

  16. RN says:

    Have you ruled out Paris Texas or Paris Arkansas?

  17. Becca says:

    RN, wait, let me think about that…..yes.

    Alfa, I just re-read that (sorry, you know I’m a skimmer). Since we’ve ridden the subway together several times, I know you must be aware that being unwashed knows no cultural or geographic boundaries.

  18. CSIGirl says:

    I’m selfish and am voting for the amtrak trip. You can stop in WI and meet me.

    I’ve never been on an actual vacation so just that fact alone makes me very jealous.

    You and DuJane will have a wonderful time in Paris. And take KP with you, she could use the vacation.

  19. KP says:

    CSI = my new favorite person

  20. MzH says:

    Can I come?

    OMG, I am dying over BeccyInWhySee and DuJa do Paris, no matter which Paris.

  21. Becca says:

    I wish I could take everyone but my suitcase just isn’t large enough, plus you people have husbands and kids and other folks who might miss you.

    CSI, never in your life? Come on now.

    MzH, I wanted to update WITW is David Nalbandian for you but apparently he isn’t playing anywhere this week, having just helped win a round of Davis Cup this past weekend for Argentina. I can’t believe they play Davis Cup on Rosh Hashanah.

  22. KP says:


  23. Becca says:

    My God, you people are demanding. Take me to Paris! Where’s David Nalbandian! Play me a song!


    PS, done…love ya!

  24. Sarpon says:

    “I wish I could take everyone but my suitcase just isn’t large enough, plus you people have husbands and kids and other folks who might miss you.”

    See? It didn’t even take a new blog post before you’re throwing it in our faces.

  25. KP says:

    Yay! I love that song and I don’t have it on my iPod! Thank you Bec, thank you David Nalbandian, and thank you J-Ball! I love you all wherever you are!

  26. kb says:

    If you’re Paris the first week of January, I could meet you in the little chocolate shop just off the Champs d’Elysee. 🙂

  27. Shark says:

    So you’re not coming to Portland then? I hate to be the only one who votes against you going to Paris with Jane.

  28. Becca says:

    KB, probably not but would it be OK if I visited the chocolate shop anyway?

    Shark, argh, so sorry, not this time. The Amtrak dream lives on, though! Maybe next year.

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