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iPod song of the week – Squeeze

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On September 17, 2006
At 6:15 pm
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So who are the catchiest group of all time? Is it Crowded House? The Beatles? The Beach Boys? No, it is Squeeze. Every song Difford & Tillbrook wrote is sticky like taffy and has the capability to stay in your head forever. Now that would probably be enough, but no, Squeeze songs often have genius narratives and evocative phrases that put you right in the room with the song’s protagonist as the hummable melody spins the story that carries throughout the song.

It’s hard to pick just one Squeeze song to put on your iPod, so I’d recommend all of them, or at least any of their greatest hits. You probably know Black Coffee In Bed, but that’s not even in my group of favorites. Instead, my top choice would be this one. It’s the same old story, you meet the girl and then wake to find her gone. But does the usual story have details like these, “She took me to her hotel, a room on the second floor, a kettle and two coffees, a number on the door.” And is there sunlight on the lino? I think not.

There are various recordings of this song, with different details and different cities. But the story is always the same and just like all perfect Squeeze songs, each line and melody flows into another like they’re holding hands.

Squeeze – Goodbye Girl