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Oh! The talent

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On September 17, 2006
At 11:25 pm
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I have a fun job. Not necessarily because of what I do at my desk, which is IM and write blog posts, but because of what goes on around me as I sit there. The other day I was walking the five miles between my office and the bathroom when I found myself in the midst of a concert going on in the reception area. It was a young scantily-clad girl group and the path to the bathroom was directly behind them. The lights were dimmed but I think I wasn’t the backdrop to the show that they had anticipated. I thought the same thing you would have thought as you saw all my transfixed co-workers: why wasn’t I invited to this? Of course, when A&R does send out these e-mails asking you to see a band in the conference room or the receptionist area or the president’s office, I usually just stay at my desk so I can continue to IM and write blog posts.

But no matter. When I had to make my return, I decided to take the long way back and avoid the “atrocious concert to which I was not invited.” But then I saw that the president of my company’s dog was wandering around the opposite hallway (there are glass doors).

If you know me even a little bit, you will know exactly which path I took. Yep, right back to the girl concert. I paused just inside the doorway to watch for a few minutes. They finished their generic pop hit and introduced their next number with this sincere line, “If anyone knows the Beatles, this is our version of ‘Oh! Darling.” Um…..yeah. We’re all record company people twice your age and yet we have no idea who The Beatles are. Yes. And then I had to move on before I started snortling right behind them. Safe inside my section of the floor I heard the news I knew couldn’t be avoided: we have signed them!

Did I say they suck? I meant they will change your life. Please buy their CD as soon as possible. Especially if you know The Beatles.

Beatles – Oh! Darling not available for download.


iPod song of the week – Squeeze

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So who are the catchiest group of all time? Is it Crowded House? The Beatles? The Beach Boys? No, it is Squeeze. Every song Difford & Tillbrook wrote is sticky like taffy and has the capability to stay in your head forever. Now that would probably be enough, but no, Squeeze songs often have genius narratives and evocative phrases that put you right in the room with the song’s protagonist as the hummable melody spins the story that carries throughout the song.

It’s hard to pick just one Squeeze song to put on your iPod, so I’d recommend all of them, or at least any of their greatest hits. You probably know Black Coffee In Bed, but that’s not even in my group of favorites. Instead, my top choice would be this one. It’s the same old story, you meet the girl and then wake to find her gone. But does the usual story have details like these, “She took me to her hotel, a room on the second floor, a kettle and two coffees, a number on the door.” And is there sunlight on the lino? I think not.

There are various recordings of this song, with different details and different cities. But the story is always the same and just like all perfect Squeeze songs, each line and melody flows into another like they’re holding hands.

Squeeze – Goodbye Girl