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iPod song of the week – The Rapture

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On September 10, 2006
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Hm, in recreating the iPod songs of the week, this one seems to have disappeared. Oh well. It’s a fine song anyway!

~Bec, on 4/1

The Rapture – Get Myself Into It


9/11, briefly

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I guess a lot of people will talk about 9/11 this week but I just want to mention this thing I saw in the NY Times today. It wasn’t actually today’s Times, it’s just that Saturday, because I can’t watch TV or use the computer, I end up reading the entire week’s worth of newspapers that I didn’t have time to get to all week. Except the sports sections; I read those all on the correct day.

So this was Thursday’s paper and I was just really skimming but I saw this caption under a picture illustrating an article with the headline, “Old New Yorkers, Newer Ones, and the Line Etched by Sept. 11.” I could tell this was one of those articles I didn’t even need to skim because the whole story was told in the headline and the article was bound to just be a lot of examples fleshing it out. But I gather this was a picture of one of the “newer ones” because the caption quotes this woman as saying, “I’m amazed because it was such a big event, and people never mention it.”

Well, duh, if you had been here, you would have seen that we talked about it quite a lot in the immediate aftermath. “Where were you, what did you do, when did you hear, were you there, what was it like, did you lose anyone, aren’t things different, what’s going to happen now, how could it happen, ack, I can’t hear planes overhead anymore.” You pretty much know how everyone feels about everything now, we’ve had five years, after all. There’s nothing much to talk about now, except for what’s happening now, like memorials and bag searches.

Maybe, Deenah Vollmer, the “newer one,” hasn’t discovered that if you live here longer than five years you realize that New York is constantly moving on. Did you love that club? It’s gone. How about that restaurant? Nope, it’s a Starbucks now (yeah, I was talking about the one at Astor Place). I’m not excited about a big memorial, really. I think more commerce at the site, to know that New York plows on, is the best tribute. Actually, I don’t even know what’s going on with the memorials, I don’t really pay attention to the news about it. It’s just that, NY is quite a different place these days, to my mind. I don’t need a memorial, I’m here every day. Daily life itself is a memorial. And as for observances on the day, well, I don’t need those either, although I understand people who lost loved ones do. But for me, life was a certain way before, it’s different now, and the day itself is not all that important to me. Maybe for future generations.

But sorry, Deenah, yes, it was big, but everyone I know is all talked out and is getting on with things. Welcome to New York.


Matthew Sweet – Nothing Lasts