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Go ahead, steal this post, but for God’s sake learn my name

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On August 29, 2006
At 10:55 pm
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The reason I’m actually here this evening to write a post is because the freaking rain drowned out the freaking US Open. I’m a little pissed off, in case my red-hot wrath hasn’t oozed off the page quite enough for you to feel it. I’m sure you’re just like me in that once your mind goes off in a ranty direction, it pretty much never comes back. Shall we follow my train of thought? Let’s. So first I started thinking about how I really should post tonight but now there won’t be any fun pictures of me and “Bob” watching James Blake at the Open. And I can’t do Jew&A because only two of my readers sent in any questions. Yeah, that just won’t do it. I’ll wait and hope for more. Then I started thinking about making up my own questions and passing them off as other people’s. Now that I’ve said that I can never do that, by the way.

That led me to think about how several other blogs steal my stuff and don’t credit me. This is not to inflate my blog’s importance, mind you, it seems to happen everywhere. You probably know who you are, especially the blog that credited me but called me Erica. Or the people that troll through the files on my server trying to steal aspects of this theme which was designed JUST FOR ME. I like to think I don’t do this. If I have, and you feel you have been wronged, send your complaints to Since that address is fake, better send any Jew&A questions you still have to the one in the sidebar.

Maybe tomorrow when I’m sitting with the Argentineans watching David Nalbandian or even with some of my brethren watching Shahar Peer, I’ll feel better about all this. Oh yeah, somewhere in the middle of writing this I realized I stole the post’s entire concept from Larry. Oops.

Deftones – Lifter


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  1. deb says:

    I only recently found out that the chum of the nation, the mental midgets of MySpace, have taught one another the art of bandwidth theft.

    A squad of these charming sluts have decided that images of my fiberart make nice wallpaper for their webnests. I have sunk to a new low cackling over replacing said files with identically named, severely vile pornography with graphics added “this dumb slut is a bandwidth thief!”…it works well.

  2. Jane says:

    LOL @ deb.

    I admit it. I stole your idea of music on the bottom of every post. But at least I get your name right when I credit you.

  3. Becca says:

    Deb, ha! I nearly did that with someone who pulled a similar one on me but decided against it finally. Next time, maybe not. Since I now have to credit all ideas, that idea and it’s clever execution were Ghyslain’s.

    It’s OK, Jane, you only post alt-country songs so it’s a whole different thing, really. I mean, have you ever posted a Deftones song? Have I ever posted Roseanne Cash?

    And now I’m off to the still drizzly US Open. Should anyone want to feel close to me, please follow along with the scoreboard on I’ll be at Court 11 this morning with Nalby. If you’re actually going there, I’ll be the pale, pale girl in the Yankees hat yelling vamos.

  4. Sarpon says:

    Damn. I was thinking of starting a blog (besides my severely neglected blog) and I was thinking that I could link to a Broadway show tune at the end of each post. I’m taking it you would find that plagiaristic rather than reverential?

  5. Not Chosen says:

    Wait. You have something called Jew&A? My whole blog is a big, fat Jew&A! Will you please guide me, oh wise one?

  6. MsHurley says:

    Hey Bec? What happened to your link to the current location of David Nalbandian? I actually was curious about where he was (this was before the open started) and couldn’t find it. Bummer.


  7. Sarpon says:

    Not Chosen, you seemed like a fairly bright goy. Guy. I meant guy. See the list up to the right? Becca has kindly organized her past blog entries into categories for those who care to read the prior ones with a thematic tie rather than as the ideas sprang forth from her fervid imagination. Check out the “Judaism” entry which, helpfully for you, is A-number one.

  8. Becca says:

    NotChosen, I actually almost stole the question you answered about wigs on your site this week when I didn’t have enough, but I’ve since received a whole bunch. I would have credited you of course. Maybe.

    Sarpon, thanks for guiding the perplexed in my absence. Why not go back to the old one? I feel so sad for it.

    MsH, as I gazed at David today, I thought about that. Maybe I should give “Where in the World is David Nalbandian?” its very own page. Hm.

  9. Not Chosen says:

    Sarpon: Only fairly bright? And to think – I thought we were cool.

    Becca: You should still feel free to answer the wig question. I made up the answer on my site. Of course, giving me credit is always a fun thing to do.

  10. Matt says:

    Sorry about the name snafu. Don’t know what I was thinking, although a lack of latkes must have something to do with it (I mean, it’s been months since “latke season” ended).

    Talk to you later Erica!


  11. Becca says:

    NotChosen, you and Sarpon can take this outside. In the meantime, I may just filch that question yet. Of course, I too will be making up the answer.

    Wow, Matt, could this be the first time someone actually followed the advice of my post header? Thanks for outing yourself. Of course, you are completely responsible for the people in my life who are now calling me Erica whilst guffawing.

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