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Can’t you feel the warmth of my sincerity?

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On August 17, 2006
At 3:30 pm
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Doesn’t record for my label.

You may remember that I told you most of our bands were crap, and they are. That’s why they sell. Of course, there are a few I like and one or two I might have even purchased if I didn’t work here. But I guess the elusive goal would be a band I really loved and cared about, maybe even idolized, like at some of the previous labels where I worked. For the past year this actually seemed to be within reach! Yes, we were courting Interpol. I’m not giving anything away by saying this; ten labels were, if not more. But now they’ve signed with someone else and I have to admit, I’m crushed.

When I was first starting out, I actually turned down a job because I didn’t like any of the artists at the label. Ha, that’d never happen now. And yet, I long for something. Something like running into Paul Banks in the hallway. I suppose that would have meant taking down all the sexy Paul Banks pictures in my office, though. That would have been a drag. Yes, I’m sure I’m better off. Although, it would have been fun to finally find out what “friends don’t waste wine when there are words to sell” meant. Oh, who am I kidding, it’s pretentious bullshit. I can say that now because he’s not making me any money.

I know this all pales in comparison to the news that they caught JonBenet’s killer, but you know, it’s the little things that affect me. Like what kind of crap I have to push for a living.

Title comes from

Interpol – Not Even Jail