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Long Hot Summer

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On August 13, 2006
At 8:30 pm
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It’s hard to come up with a good topic while you are puttering around your apartment, on drugs, eating mashed potatoes and watching TV. So let’s rewind, shall we? Before I paid $1000 to be tortured, before people wished I were remains under their bed, back when I was still chewing solid foods, in the golden days when you could still carry your iPod on a British Airways flight. What was before all that? Oh yes, oppressive, horrific heat. I know the question that’s in your mind. Exactly how hot was it?

Yes, that’s pretty hot, isn’t it? Soxy sent me that one from when she was visiting. But let’s get to the important question. How hot was it in my apartment?

About 3 seconds after this photo was taken, I used the pictured remote to turn on the AC pretty much as high as it would go. Sure, I know we were supposed to conserve electricity. But instead, I followed the example of my office building where the lights were all dimmed and the temperature was left at about 50, thus making me huddle in a sweater straining to see anything.

Being that this is another filler post, allow me to share some blognews with you. It’s Sunday so there’s a new iPod song of the week (upper right box, I know you see it). And in Napster links news, Napster is clearly losing money and has therefore restricted you to listening to their links three times (it was previously five). You can still listen to my on-page player as often as you like, although I remove them once the post moves onto page two. Which at the rate I’m writing lately ought to give you plenty of time

Also, in further efforts to convince you that this blog is all about you, there’s a new box in the right sidebar (thanks, Ghyslain!) to inform you what all the recent comments are. Remember, comment and you can get into my box. Wait, that didn’t come out right. Well, you get me. So to speak.

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