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Bleeding Gums Jewball

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On August 11, 2006
At 1:54 am
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Do you feel my pain? I hope not, because I am in some serious pain. And that’s on Vicodin. I might as well just admit that I’m just writing this post to occupy myself for the next 45 minutes until I can take my next Vike. Ow ow ow ow.

Yes, I had a couple (that’s 50% if you are the math type and really, even if you’re not) of my wisdom teeth out this afternoon.

I think the thing I wanted to share most was from the instructions they gave me post-op. They said “keep fingers and tongue away from area.” Oooooh kayyyy. First off, I am not the kind of person that a. sticks my fingers all the way to the back of my jaw or b. likes to touch bleeding gums on a regular basis. But second, uh, my tongue is kind of stuck there. What exactly am I supposed to do about that? They should have just glued it to the other side of my mouth if they were so worried about it.

Also, I must admit I am kind of disappointed in this Vicodin stuff. It just kills pain! It doesn’t make me loopy or out of it at all. I really need to be out of it since there are two open wounds in my mouth and it’s impossible not to be reminded of it EVERY SINGLE SECOND. And I can’t take it with alcohol which means that option for making myself out of it is not available. I’m not allowed to smoke anything either, before you suggest that.

And if that all wasn’t bad enough, while I was out cold recovering from being tortured, they stuck a Snoopy/Joe Cool band-aid on the spot where the IV had gone in. Come on now. That’s just insulting.

Depeche Mode – A Pain That I’m Used To


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  1. RN says:

    I agree, it would be easier if they would have glued your tongue to the other side. I don’t know about your tongue, but mine seems to have a mind of it’s own.

    I have a policy against giving medical advice on blogs but for you, I’m making an exception. You can take your pain med’s up to 30 minutes early if needed. Pain slow’s healing ‘ya know.

  2. MsHurley says:

    I hope you feel better soon, Becca.

    Oh, and I have a quick story to entertain you…
    The other day, hubby and I were driving to ‘the city’ (Raleigh) and we saw a car with one of those bumber stickers that are a white oval with black initials on it (mostly OBX or some such beach). This one said ‘DR’ and I swear that even though I have never stepped foot in one, my first thought was Duane Reade.
    It made me laugh, but it just puzzled dh when I tried to explain it. Guess you had to be here, huh?

    sending get well and pain-free vibes your way-


  3. kay says:

    What have you got against Joe Cool?

  4. Culotte says:

    “Bleeding Gums JewBall” just slayed me.

    I’m here in solidarity with you. I’m pretty sure I have an ear infection and I’m headed to the Dr’s today to confirm. I imagine they will say things like “Keep your fingers out of your ears!” to which I say, “Nay– fingers are meant for ears!”

    Feel better, JBall. 🙂

  5. Becca says:

    RN, thanks for the tip. I’ve so far been able to endure the morning without the Vicodin.

    Barb, ha! Don’t worry, I’m sure there will soon be 4 DR’s on every block in Raleigh.

    Well, Kay, I like to show off my IV band-aids. I’m like Lyndon Johnson that way. It just takes away from my, “look everyone, I’ve been through something serious!” moment.

    Thanks, Culotte. Now keep those fingers out of those ears. Unless Maroon 5 comes on the radio.

  6. Lutha says:

    Sorry about your pain, Becca. Are you also doing your best Godfather impression? Work on that, it could help you while away the hours during recovery.

  7. Celia says:

    Non-steroidal antiinflammatory drugs (Motrin, Aleve, etc) are actually considered the most effective drugs for dental pain. Take those and you might not even need the Vidodin.

  8. Sarpon says:

    I’m no dentist, and I don’t even play one on TV, but I’m pretty sure they meant for you to avoid sticking the tip of your toungue into the holes where your teeth used to be and poking around in there. And in case it never would have occurred to you to do so until I just mentioned it and you are now struck with an almost irresistible to do it, I’m sorry. No, really, I am.

    As for Joe Cool (and did you get a sticker, too?) I suggest that you go to the nearest Duane Reade and get yourself some of that self-adhearing wrappable medical tape and bind it around your arm over the band-aid. you’ll look way more traumatized that way.

  9. donniesgirlme says:

    Feel better Becca!

    Did they put you asleep for the extraction? When I had mine removed they gave me laughing gas so I was aware of what was going on, but didn’t really care enough to mind. I remember thinking that the doctor was standing on the arms of the chair while removing my teeth! Plus he had wallpaper with little lines running through it and those lines waved and wobbled the whole time.

    Yeah, laughing gas is good times! Too bad they didn’t send you home with that!

  10. Becca says:

    Lutha, I dunno, do you have a kitten I could stroke? Wait, no, don’t answer that.

    Celia, those do a number on my stomach so alas I can’t take them. I’m doing OK, though.

    Sarpon, I’m not even sure my tongue could reach back there, but it’s OK, I have zero temptation to try. And don’t worry, I ripped that Joe Cool mutha off long ago.

    Donnie, I got Versed, which is actually my favorite drug. Love that stuff. I don’t remember a thing.

  11. Soxy says:

    If it makes you feel better, I had blood drawn today, and all they gave me was some gauze and tape to cover the purple zit looking thing on my arm. I would have killed for a Joe Cool bandaid.

    And they want to lance something from my head. I have no idea what that entails, but I’m thinking of cancelling the appointment in fear.

  12. Becca says:

    Does it have something to do with a yellow jersey?

    And wait! There’s one in my trash can right now.

  13. KP says:

    Joe Cool isn’t cool? I guess you learn something new every day on the J-ball. I hope you are better by the time our bdays roll around Bec. There are cupcakes that needs to be eaten in NYC.

  14. What really made my entire mouth region feel better when I had my wisdom teeth out was steeping two teabags, throwing out the actual tea, then mooshing the two teabags between my open wounds. It was squishy and felt kinda good…didn’t really help with the pain so much.

    Bleeding Gums Jewball…hilarious.

  15. sarpon says:

    Becca & KP birthdays? (checking holidays on calendar – hmmm – suspicously absent)

  16. Becca says:

    Cupcakes? Where?

    Kelly, thanks. I think the clot has already formed (gosh, this blog is just getting grosser and grosser, isn’t it?) in which case it might be too late for the tea bag thing. Hey I still have two more. Next time!

    Sarpon, unlike most people older than 21, I actually really enjoy my birthday, so believe me, I’ll remind you.

  17. Corntortilla says:

    Dude, I loved the drugs they gave me when I got ALL 4 of my wisdom teeth out at once. I was so high when my dad came to pick me up that i was actually embarassed to see him. Then I went home to my parents house to recover, drooled bloody drool all over my lucky tee-shirt, fell down my parents’ carpeted stairs (because I was wearing hugh fuzzy slippers and still all dopped up) and dosed in and out of a whole season of The Sopranos. I still don’t know who shot Tony.

    They clearly didn’t give you the good stuff. The best part was that they gave me nitrous at the very begining which I promptly began to inhale very deeply wihtout realizing it. Aftrer a minute the dr said, “You can stop inhaling like that now, we switched it to oxygen”. How humiliating.

    How you feelin’ now?

    Do you read posts to old posts???

    Ps- i’m on meds now and marginally better.

  18. Becca says:

    Of course I read them. That’s why we have the new sidebar box, so even new comments on old posts show.

    They did give me good stuff, I was out like a light. It was later that was the issue. But I’m swell now, just swell. I’m glad you are too, and not just so you can read my blog.

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