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On August 9, 2006
At 10:06 am
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I’m sorry I’ve neglected to write recently but I’ve been extra-busy and I was also wasting spending my time writing a guest post on another blog. Hey, wasn’t someone supposed to remind you about that? I forget who. Anyway, I’m sure you’ve all enjoyed re-reading the same posts over and over and gazing at KP. But, if you were observant, you’d have noticed that there is a new page up featuring a soon-to-be-regular feature called “iPod song of the week,” wherein I remind you of some song in the distant past or horrible present that you should have on your iPod. It’ll change weekly. That’s where the “of the week” part comes in.

Yes, yes, I tried it in a post and no one seemed interested. Now you can be uninterested somewhere else! It’s over in that top-right box underneath that oh-so-subtle reminder to donate to charity. Charity, streaming songs, charity, streaming songs…I don’t know. I’ll leave that choice up to you. As with the eternal “chicken or beef” question, I like to go with both.

Anyway, should you not be a Mets fan, feel free to check out my guest post on This Is What We Do Now. If it’s moved off the top, try here. And if you’re a Mets fan and I love you, I was kidding. Or I didn’t write it. Or…oh my God, is that Mike Piazza over there? < sound of running blogger>

Yes, indeedy. Here’s the song I would have put up had that post been on this blog. Which it isn’t. Because I didn’t write it.

Tom Petty – Even the Losers (Get Lucky Sometimes)