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Breaking News: ROTM Claims Meal

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On August 4, 2006
At 12:05 am
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You know the deal with Reader of the Month: you read and comment a lot, you get your wacky photos on the Internets, and, should you be in the New York area, you get a meal with Becca which you are heartily invited (nay, required) to pay for.

Well someone finally took me up on it! Yes, it was adorable little Soxy who was the Reader of the Month for June. She happened to be visiting from that “new” England they have up there and we went out for sushi and, in Soxy’s case, a delightful lychee martini, which seemed to give her quite a lot of enjoyment. OK now, don’t go wild, Soxy.

After the check was split, I whisked Her Soxness up to Times Square where she picked up 95 pounds of Dale & Thomas’ finest popcorn before sidestepping 40,000 tourists and 30,000 Duane Reade stores.

I offered to take her over to the Yankees Store on 42nd but she shockingly declined. She also wondered with some surprise why she couldn’t find the Red Sox game being shown on the TV in her hotel room. I have no idea. Now you may remember or have seen anew after checking the link, that Soxy’s dinner was supposed to be at Yankee Stadium. Sadly, the Bombers had a day game today. Pity. Because you know I’m dying to go there and drown in a sea of beer thrown at a woman wearing head-to-toe Sox regalia. We may have to sit separately if that ever does happen.

Anyway, after dropping Soxy off at her cute little boutique hotel in Murray Hill, I waited in sweaty desperation for the R train. Despite that, the emergency call box offered me this message.

Wow, I guess I don’t need any more help than that.

This is the most accurate song about New York City ever. I post it in honor of that “hot as a hairdryer” verse.

U2 – New York