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They’ll put anything in films these days

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On July 26, 2006
At 2:29 pm
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I’m going to have oral surgery tomorrow (that’s not as kinky as it sounds, believe me), so before I go loopy I thought I’d post a little something.

So, remember my post where I idly added a few seconds of video of the subway that I take every single day, rain or shine? Well, often not rain, because that seems to completely confound the subway system, but you get me. Anyway, somebody saw it on youtube and wants to use it in a documentary.

Now, I am not a pay it forward kind of person, but I do feel keenly when I’ve been wronged not to do the same to anyone else. You may also remember (or not, probably the latter) that I was denied licensing for a song I wanted to use in a film. That was quite the bummer. So, even though these folks won’t pay me, I said sure. But I’ll get a credit. That’s almost as good, isn’t it? Washington Mutual accepts film credits as mortgage payment, don’t they? Don’t they? Hello?

Well, I’m sure they accept good karma. Don’t disillusion me.

So, speaking of doing something for others, let’s entertain Becca when she gets back from oral surgery, shall we? Here’s our baseball-oriented topic. If you are making $25 million a year and you have gone 8 for 36 in your last 10 games (and had a similar number of errors), do I have the right to boo you miserably when you were MVP just last year? Does A-Rod come to your office and boo you when you’re having a bad day? Does $25 million a year make you immune to people booing you in every stadium in America (and Canada!) including your own?

Sadly lacking these days.

Please comment aplenty. I’m informed that my fingers will still work after the procedure.

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