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Ca Plane Pour Moi

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On July 3, 2006
At 12:51 pm
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I really thought I couldn’t be more excited than the last time I redesigned J-Ball. This is because I have no life. But I was wrong! This is WAY more exciting. First off, I have my own domain. This is kind of like renting versus owning even though you really rent your domain, rather than owning it. It’s an imperfect analogy, sue me.

So! Take a look around. Or should I lead a tour? Sure, why not. It would be so unhostlike to not show you all the pretty new things. First, naturally you can see that all the boxes are so sleek and have that nice kind of racer stripe around them. And there are more posts on each page because each one can have its own box. And the cool shades-of-gray flowers. Because sometimes, even a monochromatic person wants to feel girly. Click on a picture…see what happens? Click on it again, you’re back. Even the pic in my profile works like that.

Then there are the WordPress things. Like the pages for special explanations and maybe more. There will be more coming, I promise. Then the categories. Do you like Reader of the Month? Click on that and find all of them. To people who are used to WordPress, I know, this is old hat. But if you come from Blogger, it’s like seeing Home Depot for the first time after a lifetime at your little local hardware store.

So, now to the credits. First, DuchessJane who provides the web space (I like to think our sites are next-door neighbors on her server) and who gave me some fine personal attention while neglecting her own blog. Yay, Jane! In return, I give her this brillant new slogan: “Du business with DuJane.” You’re welcome!

Then the design. I mean, it’s a no-brainer to have French design. Look at all the Chanel suits I own. Or would own. If I had some money. But I didn’t set out that way on purpose. I thought it would be like the old blog where I found a cool design and made it my own with some long nights of CSS and HTML tinkering. Boy, was I wrong. It takes a lot more to run a Home Depot than a little hardware store. See, I searched everywhere for the perfect theme but I kept seeing this one I really loved. I was blinded by it. But the colors weren’t exactly J-Ballesque. So I figured, I’ll change them, no biggie.

Um, yeah, not so much.

So I thought, I’ll just e-mail this guy (it was like 2am, I wasn’t really thinking clearly) and ask him if I could hire him to adapt his theme for J-Ball. I hoped he wouldn’t be insulted that I didn’t want to just use the theme as he’d written it. “Hey, I like your shirt. Except not in that color. And a different collar. And longer sleeves. Oh, and with a pocket. But great shirt.”

He wrote right back, but I had gone to sleep to dream about round post containers. Eventually we got in touch. It was a bit hard to communicate. See, I don’t speak tech very well. I felt like an idiot most of the time. But it was OK! Because English wasn’t his first language, he thought he needed to apologize to me! Excellent.

Anyway, if you’re someone in my real life, you’re really tired of hearing about Ghyslain (a name I still can’t pronounce. Someone help me before I humilate myself). Because, and you know I don’t say this too often so you’d better save this page, Ghyslain is even funnier and more sarcastic than I am. I know, how can that be possible? But, my God, this guy is funny. He sent me the most hysterical, genius e-mail I’ve ever received in my life. Sorry, I’m not sharing it.

But back to the design. So besides that, he was extraordinarily nice and accommodating with all of my “no, I want it like this” and “no, no, maybe like that” and “yeah, the first way was better” and “don’t take my box outlines or I’ll hunt you down.” Then it would take him like 30 seconds to accomplish whatever it was. Sometimes he would know I would like something before I asked for it.

Because it’s hard for me to deal with website design I guess it took me a long time to realize that some people really love it. But here’s the part I did get. You know how it just makes me happy that you’re happy when you read J-Ball? Right, Ghyslain is equally happy when someone is happy with their website design.

Oh, and he plays guitar and enjoys Lost and beer. What’s not to like? You can see Ghyslain’s original design when you click on his link in the footer. He also has some lovely new ideas but I already have my blog so I’ll leave those for you. Oh, and did I mention? He’s just in his twenties but already runs his own web design company. Sorry, ladies, he is spoken for. And you’d be even sorrier if I showed you what he looks like.

So Ghyslain, thanks, and I’ll send the beer payment soon. Remember what I told you: don’t learn English from Becca! Yes, indeed.

Nearly last, merci to Jan for occasional translation services.

And of course, thanks to J-Ball readers for their patience in listening to me prattle on about this for all this time and the lack of new posts lately. There would be no J-Ball without you!

Feel free to comment on the new design!*


*All negative comments will be deleted.


This is one of my favorite songs ever. I dare you to sit still. I think it means “This Life’s For Me” or “I’m happy with my life.” You get the sentiment.

Plastic Bertrand – Ca Plane Pour Moi
And this one goes out to a special J-Ball reader in France.

Jack Johnson – Banana Pancakes


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  1. Payton says:

    Yay! Well worth the wait, Becca. Love the Categories section, love the dealio with enlarging the pictures, love the cunning little “next” and “previous” buttons …. and I love that I saw it before RNerd! Mazel Tov!

  2. penguindeb says:

    yay! love it!

  3. Libby says:

    Congratulations! It looks great. Added you to my favorites and look forward to reading. It looks beautiful.


  4. Anonymous says:


  5. KP says:

    In honor of the new design/website, I shall no longer be anonymous on the jball.

    It looks incredible Bec. Can I stay here forever?

  6. Vicki, Florida says:

    Great looking design Becca, well worth the wait. Have a happy 4th!

  7. RN says:

    I guess is I was a true fan I would have stuck around to the grand opening.


  8. RN says:

    Wow, I tried to stop that before it went.

    What I meant to say is;

    Congratulations! I wish I would have stayed up and waited for the grand opening because I am a true fan of the the Magic Jewball.

  9. Becca says:

    Thanks guys! Thanks for following me over and for the nice comments.

    Payton wins for being first. I don’t know what she wins.

    KP, I feel kind of shocked about your reveal; I have to let it sink in.

    Who is that anonymous person, pretending he can’t speak English, I wonder? Could it be the first male reader J-Ball has ever had? Oh, the mystery.

  10. steph says:

    Beccaroo! Love it! So glad I had time this morning to do some blog catch-up reading. And I’m delighted that I have my own category! Oh, wait, not quite my OWN but you know what I mean. 🙂

    Have a great 4th!

  11. Celia says:

    Becca, I’m sure that wasn’t your blog’s first male visitor. I’m acquainted with another one.

    However, he may not yet know about your new site, which is indeed very spiffy.

  12. Soxy says:

    Oooh…pretty! I witheld final judgement until I was sure I could easily find my favorites (ROTM – June, of course), and because I can I give the New and Improved J-Ball two thumbs up!

  13. Becca says:

    Celia, this is true. But maybe this will provoke him to leave a comment on the actual site rather than by e-mail. I’m just positive males are afraid to admit they read J-Ball.

    Soxy, thank you! Although I have to tell everyone, I kind of feel like Lorenzo de Medici taking credit for Michelangelo’s work. You know, if he paid Michelangelo in beer. You heard me! My site is like the Sistine Chapel. Mm hmm.

  14. sarpon says:


    Sistine Chapel, not so much. It looks the same sitting straight up as it did when I hung my monitor over the side of my desk and laid on the floor to look up at it. But hey, I did find a pair of sunglasses that had fallen down under there, so it’s all good.

  15. Becca says:

    Sarpon, you so crazy.

  16. Culotte says:

    Love it! Beautious! Enjoying the pale purple, gray and black theme!

    Nice job, DuJane!

    (And that anonymous comment would make an excellent post title.)

  17. Becca says:

    Reading comprehension there, Culotte. DuJane didn’t actually design it. Although she did suggest this fine post title which I did not use:

    I outFrenched Culotte!

  18. Jan says:

    It looks wonderful!! Ghyslain, please continue e-mailing Becca in Franglais so that I can give her the wrong translations for things.

    Oh, and Bec, Ghyslain is kind of pronounced Gee-slan, pronunced with a hard G and barely saying the n on the end.

    (I know, I should really write those pronunciation codes in dictionaries. I’m so precise and pithy.)

  19. Culotte says:

    Oh, I’ll outfrench you yet!!! I will not be out-frenched!!!!

    (oops, of course, dujane and webspace, righty-oh).

  20. Becca says:

    Thanks, Jan! And I understand you were quite close, just without the s, excellent.

    Culotte, I also meant to tell you, I’ve been informed that your name means “I’m hot for sex.” But that’s right, non?

  21. Alex526 says:

    No fair! I have previously posted multiple comments on J-ball. But these new shades-of-gray flowers, which are showing up in the background as I write my comment, are a little girly for me. If you keep getting e-mail instead of comments, maybe it’s because of the flowers.

    Also, I notice that the first person I see when I click on Readers of the Month is David Nalbandian. Is he the July ROTM? How’s a guy supposed to compete?

  22. Becca says:

    Hm, Alex, guilty as charged. I have dolled things up a little, haven’t I? OK, I’ll continue to accept your always thoughtful and hysterical e-mails.

    PS, he crashed out of Wimbledon; I thought I’d throw him a bone.

  23. MonkeyGirl says:

    Hi Becca,
    I just want you to know: I hear you!

  24. Becca says:

    Thanks, MG. You just can’t hear that too often.

  25. Terry says:

    Sleek, yet feminine. Works for me!

  26. Jane says:

    This has been much like birthing a child, then accidentally locking said child out of the house, then escaping to North Dakota and waiting for child services to track me down, then coming home to find out that the child grew up, went to medical school, and is now more beautiful and perfect than ever before imagined and doesn’t hate me after all.

    Wonderful job.

  27. Becca says:

    Terry, excellent description, thanks for that.

    Jane, thank God you’re back for my residency.

  28. twenchie says:

    Oooohhhhhhhhhh so purdy!

  29. Anonymouth says:

    Your theme is really awsome but ….. it’s too girly, too wide, too rounded, too dark, too english, too strange, too french and not enough beautifull but this is great though, believe me.

  30. Becca says:

    Well, I’ll tell the designer you said so. He’s a strange old man, I hope he won’t be hurt.

  31. Laeti says:

    Hi, happy to see that you enjoy webdesign who’s made my guy ! I’m very proud of my husband 😉

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