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On May 14, 2006
At 1:20 am
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I have a feeling I should never post again, that I can’t top the popularity of my Steph post or maybe even that my readers are all dead from competing to be Reader of the Month. It’s shocking what people will do to appear on the Internet in a Preakness hat.

But more than that, I haven’t felt especially funny this week and my mission is to keep you all entertained so that you forget all your troubles. Especially because that will keep you from telling me about them.

So as a stopgap measure, I’ve decided to just play this fun game. What is the similarity between these two songs? You’ll never get it, so to prevent you from pulling out your hair, the answer’s all the way at the bottom! Good luck and there are no prizes except smug self-satisfaction.

The English Beat – Save It For Later

Deftones – Mascara

In the meantime, while you’re listening to these ditties and pondering, I invite you to submit questions for a fun new feature. Today is Mother’s Day and in memory of my mother, a Jewish educator in every fiber of her being, Tuesday’s post will be “Judaism Q&A with Becca!” Now, don’t be shy. I know you’ve been wondering about all kinds of things such as:

“Can you use the toilet on your Sabbath?”
“If there’s no Hell, what keeps you from killing Simon Cowell?”
“What makes food Kosher? Is it special sauce?”

So, you can either e-mail me at or leave a comment which I will then not post (this way, we can keep the questions under wraps until the big day). Don’t worry, I won’t post your name no matter how crazy your question! No, no, I take that back, my mother would want me to tell you, there are no crazy questions, just crazy people. So get those burning questions in by, oh, 6pm Eastern on Tuesday.

OK, ready for the answer?

It’s this. Both songs have a sentence that completes after a beat to add a totally different meaning.

In Save It For Later:
Just hold my hand while I come
To a decision on it.

Oooh, dirty….not. But even more cleverly, in Mascara:

It’s too bad you’re married
To me.

Oh, Chino Moreno, you so crazy!