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Do I know how to say thank you or what?

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On May 9, 2006
At 3:18 pm
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Shocking, isn’t it? But I post this in tribute to my anonymous designer who put together the logo you now see in the header. This excruciating gesture on my part, I hope, will adequately show my gratitude. It was my design but the execution was all his. This is not to say he isn’t good at design, however. Witness the below, which cracked me up completely every time I thought of it for several days.



Rock on, anonymous designer, rock on.


To follow up, I assume everyone knows that David Blaine did not break the world’s record for underwater breath-holding, a humanity changing feat of strength. Oh, my schadenfreude knows no bounds. I shut off my Law & Order Season 2 DVD long enough to watch the last 20 minutes of the show and I think the thing that amazed me the most was this. The camera panned to a boyish-looking dude in the crowd who the announcer informed us was the brother of David Blaine. He had graduated NYU the previous day, just steps away in, I presume, Alice Tully Hall. He looked concerned and chagrined. I naturally assumed his thoughts were these:

I can’t believe you do one stunt a year and you couldn’t even arrange it around my college graduation. I mean, it was right here, putz. Couldn’t you have rolled over, hamster-ball style, and seen me enter the real world?

But, such is the life of a world class pseudo-magician’s brother.

In other news, should you share my love of New Order, or if my Confusion video and incessant blather have piqued your interest, please do check out the article about them on It was such a pleasant surprise; it seemed apropos of absolutely nothing. They even highlighted my favorite moment of any New Order song, Bernard Sumner cracking up at his own ridiculous lyrics. If their snippet isn’t enough for you, check out the entire song below.


New Order – Every Little Counts