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And while we’re talking about subways

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On May 1, 2006
At 4:16 pm
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When I was a kid, I had a strong faith that God spoke to me through the songs that came on the radio at any particular time. So if I was having a bad day, and “To Hell With Poverty” by Gang of Four came on, well, I’d know someone was looking out for me.

How naive I was! God doesn’t speak to you through the radio! He speaks to you through your iPod. No, no, it’s totally logical. The radio is programmed by a human being but the iPod has a mind of its own. So this morning, when I needed to plow through some people…

Wait, I need to set the scene here. This is the way it always happens at my stop, one of the busiest on the line. Everyone gets off except for one person who is in the absolute middle of the doorway. Never fails. Well today, someone, or really, many many people, pushed me from behind so that I was knocked into the woman in front of me who said, “Hey! What is this?”

It’s a hundred people leaving a train, lady. I’m sure you have never, ever seen that in New York City before.

Anyway, at that exact moment when the woman said this, my iPod got jostled and switched to Front 242’s Headhunter. If you’ve never heard this song, well, it’s not about a job search. Here, give it a listen. As you’ll no doubt agree, no one does mechanized death beats like the Germans.

(You’ll have to have a free account at Napster for this. Yes, Napster’s free now! Get one, and I promise I’ll link to more fun things in the future. Of course, if you choose to hear this 30 second snippet more than five times, they will ask you to fork over 99 cents. Life’s tough.)

Front 242 – Headhunter

Pretty good, huh? I was out of there in no time. Thank you, Lord!

Now, yesterday, when I showed you what my daily mode of transportation is, if you are from that other, cleaner part of America, you said, “Ew. That doesn’t look very hygienic.” But you should have seen it before! This is my way of introducing one of my favorite videos of the 80’s which after many fruitless searches has finally appeared on youtube. Be sure to check out Bernard Sumner in his Gap khaki shorts! Hey, it’s hot here in the summer.

Without further ado….confusion, confusion, confusion…


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  1. Dahnuh says:

    I think I’m having an Industrial-induced flashback. I have a sudden urge to dig up my spike-studded vinyl bustier and thigh-high boots. I don’t think it would be a pretty sight now, eight years and fifty pounds later.

  2. Jane says:

    I’m very guilty of testing God by saying things like “So, how are things going to turn out with me and Mr. Right Now?” and then hitting shuffle on my iPod and taking whatever song comes up first as a message from above.

  3. Becca says:

    Dah, do it! I’ll post the picture.

    Jane, what, is that wrong?

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