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On April 30, 2006
At 3:15 am
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Oh, it’s here, it’s here! The new look Magic Jewball! Clearly I have spent way too many hours on this and no one will care as much as I do, but looks do count, don’t they? That’s what people try to tell me, anyway, when I tell them I get my hair done at Supercuts. Then they laugh and laugh.

But I hope this both represents my monochromatic style and is somewhat easier to read. Which reminds me of a story (doesn’t everything) about how my mother once picked out a souvenir for me in London. She walked into a record store, found the person wearing the most black, and asked him what he was listening to. Clever, right?

But, in case you couldn’t totally get a read on my enthusiasm, I’ve decided to include this little illustrative film. Here’s an event that makes me comparably delighted. It’s a simple story, really, about that special time in a young girl’s day when the #1 train arrives to take her home. Sadly, the making of this film caused me to be the last one to enter said train and I didn’t get a seat. See what I go through for you?

By the way, there is no sound. Please feel free to hum.

Some suggestions are:
1. Love & Rockets/Kundalini Express
2. The Cure/Jumping Someone Else’s Train
3. Quad City DJ’s/C’mon N’ Ride It (The Train)
(I wouldn’t suggest this one unless you are mentally impaired in some way)
4. REM/Driver 8
5. The Clash/Train In Vain (has nothing to do with trains, really, though)
6. New Order/Blue Monday (just sounds good with everything)

All right, start humming, film’s about to start.


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  1. Kay says:

    Love the new look and the video.

  2. Twenchie says:

    that was skeery. I thought the train would run me ovah!

  3. Jane says:

    I love the new look!

    I haven’t watched your film yet because at the moment I’m here on a dial-up connection. But soon! I swear! And I know I’ll love it!

    In August of 2004, on the way to a Rosanne Cash concert, I played a CD of all of my favorite songs for the enjoyment/torture of the boy who agreed to go to the concert with me. He listened intently and after about 5 songs, said “Are all of your favorite songs about trains?” I hadn’t thought of it before, but yes, apparently. When we got to the Pabst Theater in Milwaukee, Rosanne’s opening act was Josh Ritter and his first song was about him and his buddies sitting around in their small town singing songs about trains.

    And how this relates to you is that I was listening to Josh Ritter when I hit your site this morning.

    It’s like totally fate and stuff.

  4. Steph318 says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the new layout! And I’m going to pretend that you spent all those hours working on it purely for my benefit! 🙂

    Of course, my dial-up connection is so slow that your train took 1 hr to arrive and I couldn’t wait. So I’ll check it out when I get to my parents this afternoon. They have DSL, and their 70 ffs! 🙂

  5. Becca says:

    Oh THANKS! You all have totally validated my hours of squinting at HTML code and searching for strange templates in the night.

    Jane, the best songs are about trains because a train going through a tunnel also represents a person’s relationship with God. Or at least that’s what they taught me in “Psychology For Religious People.” I heard somewhere that there are other theories too.

    Steph, this is what I do when the train takes more than twenty minutes: look angry, start swearing, start walking. This may not work with dial-up

    Oh, and LOOK! There is sound. Why didn’t that work at 3am? Oh, mysterious Youtube Gods, I truly have no comprehension of you.

  6. Kay says:

    Oh, and look at your watch a lot, Steph, and sigh.

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