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And on the 7th day, God didn’t blog

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On March 24, 2006
At 4:14 pm
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So there won’t be any entries on Friday nights or on Saturday daytime. That’s because of the little thing in the profile about me being Orthodox Jewish. That’s not strictly true. I was raised traditional Conservative. If you’re in the 99.9999934159% of the world who this means nothing to, rock on!

Anyway, bottom line, I can’t use the computer or electricity from sunset Friday to sunset Saturday. God told me that. OK, that’s a lie. Which God also told me not to do. I’m really a mess, aren’t I? But here’s how I think it went down:

Ancient Israelite: Can I talk to you, Moses? Today I went to get my camel a hump-maintenance job and while I was crossing the myrrh-field, I saw the strangest thing. Oh, that reminds me, my fields aren’t bringing in the yield they used to and –

Moses: Say, Josiah, I really think the Lord was against you telling me your bloggy little details on the Sabbath. Yes, I’m positive. I think I dropped that part of the tablet, but I feel really sure that I have that recollection.

Ancient Israelite: But it isn’t sundown yet!

Moses: I think I hear my wife. Didn’t you hear that? Zipporah! Yes, coming!

See you next week!