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On August 28, 2012
At 11:55 pm
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You know, I was going to put the blog on hiatus since all my news is bad news and it’s not even bad news I want to share. But oh happy day, folks! There is finally some bad news I’m willing to post about. I had gambled and won; the tickets I had put down for in our family plan long, long ago, did indeed turn out to be the day the US Open draw and schedulers had determined David Nalbandian would play. There will be good weather. He is playing on a court with plenty of open seats. It is tomorrow!

And then today he pulled out with an injury [insert wah wah sound].

I feel pretty, pretty sure I will get a sunburn and food poisoning tomorrow. Also, someone will spill their drink on me.

Could this summer have been more awesome?

Since I fell in love with The Wire this summer, I think I’ll let Omar answer.

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I was going to entitle this post “Sheeeeeeeeeiiiiiiiiit,” because I do not like two posts beginning with the same word right next to each other, but I understand that some people don’t like profanity in their Facebook feeds, so I am reduced to being repetitive. Plus, if Depeche Mode can title two songs on the same record “Question of Time” and “Question of Lust,” who am I to be anal?


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sarpon says

This is obviously your fault. Why didn’t you will him to stay healthy WITH YOUR MIND?

Becca says

I don’t think MY MIND is strong enough anymore (she said sadly).

Elena says

But how ’bout them O’s?

Becca says

I knowwwwww!!!!!! How awesome. This is their year, please no jinx.