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In the misty mornin’ fog

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On March 22, 2012
At 2:30 pm
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In my time providing password hints to the million+ websites which require you to have one, I have shared many bits of info about my life: street I grew up on, mother’s maiden name, favorite movie, first job, first pet’s name (I did have a goldfish, you know), etc. And there are many I have seen that I chose not to utilize: first car, spouse’s whatever, etc. But never in my life have I seen this idea… at least, not until Irish Rail.

Not to stereotype. *cough*

Anyway, here’s a happy song from a Northern Ireland native. Tomorrow, last day of Project Happy Thoughts and (groggy) arrival in another land. And then another land. And then a third land.

By the way, regarding the title, the fog was here. Crazy. But I hear they have some over there, too.


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North of the City says

Foggy, like my brain! Happy traveling :-)

Ima Wurdibitsch says

I will be enjoying my favorite beer and some awesome music tomorrow night. I’m going to a local place that serves a wide variety of adult beverages. This band will be playing: I love them muchly.

Ima Wurdibitsch says

So, I checked out my own link. The sound quality sucks. This band is awesome in person. I promise.

Elena says

Finally, a song I know!! Awww, Van looks so young and purdy in that video. I had a jacket like that,except mine was double-breasted [before I had much in the way of double-breasts]. They like to play that song in ballparks for some reason–maybe a counterpart to ‘brown-eyed handsome man”.
Funny about ‘favourite drink’–I’ve never seen that as a choice either.

Becca says

Ima, I hope it was awesome! And that you enjoyed your favourite drink.

Elena, I could not believe he was once that young.