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I sometimes wish I was in bed

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On March 7, 2012
At 11:45 pm
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I really want to title this post, “I got home, sat down, and was asleep eight minutes later” but it seemed a little bit literal. Anyway, I’m writing this at 1:30am and backdating it (I have done that quite often this week, you may have noticed) and it is less than well thought out, sorry. This is the problem with this challenge. But I am up to writing a half-assed post in the middle of the night!

Wait, no I’m not. I need to go to Real Bed rather than Fake Bed aka, the sofa. So one more happy song and tomorrow I promise a picture of the delightful baked goods which have caused me to average 3.5 hours a night of sleep this week.

In the vein of yesterday’s choice, I picked the sprightliest Depeche Mode song with the most unfortunate title. In case it isn’t peppy enough for you, it’s one of their earliest songs and this live video from 1981 shows Dave Gahan’s unfortunate fashion choices of that era. I like to think the pants tried to swallow him whole that morning.

Happy Purim!


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Elena says

Happy Inrernational Women’s Day, you international woman!
Since you bake so many goodies for other people, does that mean you also get a lot in return, and are forced to eay sweets for, like, days? Or 1 1/2 days as would be my case if I got piles or treats? Not that that’s such a terrble thing unless one is trying to lose weight or sumthin’.

Becca says

You too!

I have TONS of baked goods from many dear friends and family. I wish you all could come over and help me eat them. They all must be finished by Passover.

Ha! As if! I give it 1.5 days.