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Picture of the Day – Australian Open

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On January 18, 2011
At 7:00 pm
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I feel like I watched this match all day. I DVR’d it, watched it all morning, then my recording ended at four hours, because that’s all the time I have left on my DVR. So then I had to find the repeat and record that because I had to go to work, and I only finished watching it about ten minutes ago. Don’t worry, by then I knew the result was as shown below.

It’s hard to have a fabulous match the first round, because then you have nothing left for the #185 you’re playing in the second. But I dislike Lleyton Hewitt just enough to be really, really happy about a 4.75 hour slugfest victory. By the way, the match was still going on when I woke up this morning (it had started at 4:15 am) but I didn’t even bother to turn on the TV… because who’d have thunk it?*

*I should have thunk it. Bad Becca, bad.

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sarpon says

So, is he Jewish? How about Mardy Fish?

Becca says

Funny you should ask! This picture is just the last twelve hours….

Mardy Fish lost yesterday so people stopped caring. No one wants to claim a loser.